What Are Meal Delivery Services?

March 18, 2016

If you follow the latest lifestyle and healthy eating trends, you’ve probably heard of a little thing called meal delivery, maybe even of a company or two working in that brand new service department. Truth be told, meal delivery services have been around for a few years already, but with new companies popping up almost every month and more and more customers signing up for these services, they seem to have hit the mainstream only very recently.

We will here try to explain what meal delivery is exactly, how it works and what you should expect from it.

What Are Meal Delivery Services?

To put it simply, a meal delivery service brings groceries to your doorstep along with a recipe for cooking them. However, it’s more than just grocery delivery. First of all, those are not just any groceries – they’re the groceries you need for the meal you chose from a menu offered by your meal delivery service company. Second, they are already pre-measured, sometimes even washed and diced or sliced. Third, they come with very detailed instructions on how to prepare the meal you chose.

We could argue that meal delivery services combine grocery delivery with cooking lessons and takeout service. You get exactly what you need, in quantities you need (no wasting food!) and you get to act like a pro chef for a while. Plus, you don’t spend hours sweating over a meal you may not even like in the end and throwing away half of it because you didn’t plan right.

What Are Meal Delivery Services?Let’s take a look at how these meal delivery services work. With most companies, you subscribe to a certain plan, say three two-person meals per day. Your next task is to pick either a predetermined menu or to work with company’s chefs to create a custom meal, following their suggestions. You can choose between “meatlover” meals or veggie ones. In fact, you can customize your meals to your own preferences, dietary restrictions, allergies, goals (losing weight, gaining weight, getting more protein, etc) and even replace some of the ingredients you don’t care for with alternative ones.

The ingredients are delivered to your doorstep usually once per week. You get absolutely everything you need for a meal you (well, the service) planned. The only thing you have to have in your pantry is some oil, salt and pepper. The companies in this business are particularly careful about the ingredients they deliver to you. They opt for organic and/or locally sourced whenever possible, so you know it’s healthy, ethical and sustainable. Much more so, in fact, than buying from a supermarket, where prepackaged food not only comes from who knows where, but it’s also not always the freshest possible. With meal delivery services, you always get the freshest, finest ingredients, because that’s something these companies are particularly serious about, especially if they want to stay competitive and offer something better.

What Are Meal Delivery Services?Another great thing about these grocery packages is that they always come with a twist or a theme. You may get your classic ol’ mac and cheese recipe, but you can rest assured it’s going to have at least one ingredient (and usually more than just one) that you either never heard of or have been wanting to try out for ages but never had any good ideas as to how to cook it. Meals are often themed too, so if you choose a three meal per week package, one of the dinners may be a Moroccan one, one will be, say, fish or seafood and the third one will be based on a seasonal ingredient, such as butter squash.

People who work a lot don’t have the time to come up with new, inventive and delicious meals five or seven days a week, and that’s where meal delivery service comes in. You get significant help in planning ahead, in fact it’s all pre-planned basically, you just need to choose, like in a restaurant or a hotel. Portions are controlled, so you don’t have to bust your brain planning the grocery list. And the recipes are delicious, easy to make and original.

Finally, these services some with amazing, detailed and simple instructions, often with visual aids like cards or apps. Cooking rarely takes longer than 30-45 minutes, it’s stress-free, fun and exciting and makes you feel like a true culinary master.


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