Sunbasket To Form Health Advisory Board

April 9, 2019

Supporting its mission to boost the food-as-medicine movement, Sunbasket, one of the leading healthy meal kit services in the United States, has announced the formation of a new Health Advisory Board. Gathering the world’s leading health and wellness experts, Sunbasket aims to promote healthy eating as a means of preventing disease and improving well-being.

healthy meal services salmon on the plate

The board, led by Sunbasket’s Chief Science Adviser, James Beard Journalism Award nominee Dr. David Katz, will work closely with the meal delivery to create healthy meal plans that prevent chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

According to the statistics given, over 50% of Americans are at risk of developing a chronic illness, which also includes obesity, with over 100 million people already affected by these conditions. However, Sunbasket is hopeful, given that over 80% of chronic illnesses are preventable with a healthy diet.

Dr. David Katz said, “Sunbasket is committed to advancing the proposition of food as medicine, a timely and important response to prevailing imperatives of public health. This multidisciplinary group of leading health experts reflects that commitment and will provide expert guidance to help maximize the good Sunbasket can do as the platform evolves. I am very proud to work alongside these colleagues.”

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