Sun Basket Delivery Area

October 20, 2016

Sun Basket is in the business of delivering fresh, premium-quality ingredients, along with recipes that allow you to combine wonderful produce, meat, fish, and seafood into delicious meals. In order for the food to arrive at your home at peak freshness, the packaging needs to be perfectly designed for preserving the crispness of every food type and, of course, the deliveries need to be made in the shortest possible time so nothing wilts or goes bad during transport.

As this company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it is not willing to take any chances and risk disappointing its customers by letting the food travel for too long. That is why Sun Basket first started with a rather limited delivery area, only to expand it with the improvement of the transportation methods employed. Now, the service delivers to nearly all parts of the US and it is working on expanding its delivery area even further. Let us take a look at the locations where Sun Basket is currently available.

Sun Basket Delivery Area

Where Does Sun Basket Ship?

At the moment, Sun Basket delivery area includes 47 states in the continental US. It is not available in Alaska, Hawaii, and Montana. The service does ship to New Mexico, but deliveries are limited to only certain parts of this state.

If you would like to order from Sun Basket but live in one of the 3 states where the service is currently unavailable, be sure to send an email to its friendly staff and let them know that you are interested in the service. The more potential customers from your area reach out to them, the likelier it is that the company will do everything possible to bring its lovely food into your kitchen.

If you live in New Mexico and aren’t sure if your location is a part of Sun Basket delivery area, you can quickly find out by contacting customer support. If you are not interested in chatting with the support staff, you can always check by starting the signup process, entering your zip code, and thus finding out immediately if deliveries are made to your area.

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