Sous Kitchen Says Goodbye To Its Loyal Patrons

October 17, 2019

Sous Kitchen was one of the most affordable meal kit delivery services in America. In spite of the low prices, it offered a rich menu featuring over 50 dishes and it did all the prep work for its customers, so all they had to do was cook and enjoy. It provided a valuable service for more than a decade.

Sous Kitchen closed services

Unfortunately, it was forced to cease operations at the end of 2017 for reasons that were not revealed to the public. For quite some time, we hoped that we would get word from the folks at Sous Kitchen and that they would announce a relaunch date at some point, considering that they never officially stated that the service was being shut down permanently. However, it seems that Sous Kitchen is not coming back and that it has decided to say goodbye to its numerous customers.

We are sad to see this lovely meal kit service go, especially since it was one of the most time-saving, money-saving options on the market. For some good alternatives to Sous Kitchen, you can view our lists of the best healthy meal kit delivery companies and the cheapest meal kit delivery services.

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