SimplyCook Vegetarian Review

July 15, 2016

SimplyCook has over 100 incredible recipes in its cookbook and the number just keeps on rising. What they all have in common is that they take just 15-20 minutes to make, they require only 4-6 ingredients, they make use of the special, professionally crafted flavor blends you get in your recipe boxes, and of course, they are downright delicious. This time, we will give you a taste of what is waiting for you in the SimplyCook vegetarian cookbook.

SimplyCook Vegetarian meal on plate

SimplyCook Vegetarian Options

If you have read our full SimplyCook review, you already know that this service does not have any specialized meal plans, but it does allow you to narrow your choice down to vegetarian options only. Currently, there are more than 40 vegetarian recipes available and the selection is constantly expanded to include more delicious veggie dishes from different world cuisines. Normally, 2 new recipes are added per month, so you often get a chance to try out something you have not seen on the menu before.

You can order 4 veggie recipes per week, each yielding 2-3 or 4+ servings. Therefore, if you start your subscription now, it should take you more than 10 weeks to cook and taste every veggie option on the menu. On the other hand, you can stick to the recipes you know and love if you prefer familiar flavors to experimenting. Whatever your desires may be, SimplyCook is here to please.

SimplyCook Vegetarian Recipes

SimplyCook vegetarian recipes range from extremely comforting to incredibly light and refreshing. If you are craving something rich and packed with flavors, you can try the likes of Moroccan spiced stew, piquant Iranian vegetable curry, and the exciting shakshouka. If you want to try something delicate and nutrient-packed, you can check out lovely recipes like Thai green curry, grilled halloumi salad, creamy mushroom Stroganoff, Goan cauliflower curry or Bombay vegetable biryani. The selection is as vast as it is varied, so there is something for nearly every taste.

Preparing The Meals

Now that you know what kind of recipes you can expect, we will go into more detail regarding the preparation process itself and everything you need to turn these great vegetarian meal ideas into reality. With your recipe box, you get 4 recipes selected by a professional chef or recipes of your choice, as well as amazing flavor blends. These may include specialty vegetable stocks, garnishes, herb and spice blends, infused oils, culinary pastes, and other flavor boosters. The recipes include only a couple of steps, which is to be expected since the time you need to prepare the meals is no more than 20 minutes.

What you do not get are the fresh ingredients you need to prepare the meals. However, you do get detailed shopping lists with every recipe, indicating the necessary ingredients and the exact quantities for 2-4 people. Therefore, all you need to do is stop by your local store and pick up the groceries you need and you can start cooking. You can view the shopping lists before you receive your box, so you can prepare the ingredients in advance.

You may notice that the ingredients SimplyCook vegetarian recipes call for are never hard to find and include the most basic of products. What makes the meals unique and impressive are the handcrafted blends you get in your box, which highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients and add some exciting extra flavors coming from the numerous fragrant spices, herbs, and other wonders they contain. A single blend may feature up to 18 different ingredients, so you can imagine the abundance of flavors they pack.

SimplyCook Vegetarian Sample Dishes

We have come to the most delicious part of this SimplyCook Vegetarian review. After preparing more than a few SimplyCook vegetarian dishes in our test kitchen, we have selected 3 of our absolute favorites that we would like to share with you.

BBQ Tandoori Paneer

If you like smoky flavors, you are sure to love this delicious dish that brings together paneer cheese and pepper skewers, gorgeous baked sweet potato wedges, and a crunchy, nutrient-rich salad that can contain any veggies you love.

BBQ Tandoori Paneer

Included in the kit are tandoori paste, smoked chili mix, and sweet potato seasoning – one amazing flavor-packed blend for each component of your meal. Punjabi spices give the dish its irresistible exotic taste and the distinct textures of paneer, peppers, potatoes, and salad guarantee the ultimate enjoyment at the table.

You can prepare this masterpiece in just 20 minutes.

Thai Green Curry

We may be a bit biased, since we love green curry in general, but this one really blew us away. We are pretty sure it is the special SimplyCook Thai green paste that makes this dish a real must-try. Combined with the aromatic coconut-garlic paste and Thai green garnish included in the box, it brings out and elevates the lovely flavor of aubergines and blends perfectly with the smooth coconut milk.

To make this meal, you simply need your SimplyCook kit, 1 aubergine, 1 green pepper, some jasmine rice, a can of light coconut milk, and 15-20 minutes of your free time. If you want to add a bit of zest and sweetness to the curry, you can pop in a few baby corns and finish it off with a squeeze of lime.

simplycook Thai Green Curry

Baked Pasta With Veggie Sausages

This pasta-bake both looks and tastes luxurious, primarily thanks to the rich cheddar cheese and SimplyCook spice blends. It combines conchiglie pasta with golden veggie sausages, onions, and kale, all brought together with refreshing passata, garlic vegetable stock, cheddar, and ricotta.

For this dish, SimplyCook has prepared 3 key elements that make this a truly mouthwatering pasta-bake. In your kit, you get the company’s signature chili and fennel mix, garlic vegetable stock, and smoked salt and chive mix. Unlike most SimplyCook recipes, this one may take up to half an hour to make, but it is more than worth it.

Bottom Line

If you are an adventurous vegetarian in love with international cuisines, we warmly recommend SimplyCook vegetarian recipes. They can broaden your culinary horizons, wow your taste buds, and make you feel like the best chef on the planet. Plus, the prices are suitable for virtually any budget, so you can enjoy the ultimate home cooking and dining experience without spending more than you normally do when cooking for yourself and your family and friends.

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