Wolferman’s has been around since 1888. The company has an exceptionally long tradition in offering specialty products to its numerous happy customers. They offer various kinds of delicious baked goods, as well as gorgeous gourmet gifts and presents for different occasions. You may already know that their English muffins are a thing of legend. If you want to learn more about their offer, take a couple of minutes and find out all about it in this short and sweet Wolferman’s review.

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How Wolferman’s Works

With Wolferman’s, you can opt for one-time purchases and send their goods as gifts/enjoy them yourself or you can opt for a membership in one of their 3 clubs. If you choose to purchase their goods without membership, the process is the same as in any other online store: pick items, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Apart from browsing their products by category, you can have items sorted by Wolferman’s favorites or price (low to high or high to low), so you can find what you need more easily. Some items, such as their famous English muffins, come with the option of customizing your order. You can create packages of your own and hand-pick the items in every package.

You can also join their clubs – Bakery Favorites Club, Premium English Muffins Club, and Breakfast Bakery Club – and enjoy monthly deliveries of their delightful baked goods. You can choose whether you wish your subscription to start right away or delay it for up to 3 months. You can also choose the length of your subscription – 3, 6 or 12 months – as well as the quantity you wish to receive.

What is great about Wolferman’s is that they take care of their customers with special dietary needs. Whether you are purchasing a gift or want to enjoy the delicious food yourself, you can browse products by three special categories: kosher, sugar-free, and gluten-free.

If you want to get in touch with the folks at Wolferman’s, ask them a question or provide feedback, you can do so via phone, fax, email or even regular mail. Their business hours are Monday through Friday, 5:00 am till 10:00 pm. If you need instant help at any other time, you can check out their helpful FAQ section.

Wolferman's Works

What Makes Wolferman’s Different

As we have mentioned before in this Wolferman’s review, it has been more than 100 years since they first opened their doors. They started out as a small grocery store, focusing only on the finest products. They stick to the same philosophy today, more than a century later.

Their main aim isn’t making a profit, but making their customers happy. If you are unsatisfied in any way, they are more than happy to make it up to you. You can get a refund or a replacement, whichever of the two you may prefer.

While their primary focus remains on baked goods, there is so much more in Wolferman’s store nowadays. You can order gifts for any occasion, get great entrees, delicious preserves, coffee and tea, baking mixes, and even cookie jars, mugs, and cutting boards. From stocking up your pantry to stuffing your mouth with irresistible muffins that just melt in your mouth, you can do it all at Wolferman’s.
Wolferman's Different

What You Get

In this section of our Wolferman’s review, we will get more specific about what you can order from this lovely company. We’ll take a look at their muffins and bread, pastries, and baked goods, as well as pantry supplies.

When it comes to muffins and bread, the oft-mentioned stars are their English muffins, with four different options: Signature, Traditional Size, and Mini English muffins, as well as crumpets. This section also contains dozens of different and lovely bagels, scones, muffins, biscuits, and waffles. You can choose between previously designed packages or create-your-own packages, where you get to select the items in the package yourself.

In the pastries and baked goods section, there are once again dozens of options, especially for those with a sweet tooth. You can choose between cakes, cheesecakes, croissants, cookies, brownies, the famous Cheryl’s cookies, pies, tarts, and sweet rolls, as well as specialty goods, such as baklavas and strudels. There is also a gluten-free option, with half a dozen delicious items.

Wolferman’s can help you fill your pantry with baking mixes, coffee, tea, and wonderful toppings and spreads, including fruit butter, preserves, jellies, and honey. They also offer over a dozen of entrees and meat assortments, as well as delicious bacon and ham. Finally, since pantry is not only about food, they also feature batter bowls, a lovely selection of mugs, cutting boards, muffin masters, and cookie jars in their gourmet pantry collection.

If you choose to become a member of one of their clubs, you get to receive monthly deliveries of their baked goods. Before you start your subscription, you can check out what they have planned for the following months and subscribe for the period when your favorites are on the menu.
Wolferman's Muffins

Gift Options

Depending on the season, Wolferman’s offers gifts for all the major holidays, including Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Apart from the holiday specials, they offer gifts for multiple occasions, as well as presents that can be suitable any time. You can send someone a thank-you gift or a birthday gift, express sympathy with a nice basket or find a great last-minute gift. They also offer get-well gifts and breakfast and brunch packages.

Wolferman's gift

On top of that, Wolferman’s features gourmet gifts, which include baskets and totes, boxes and towers, and specialty gifts. Each of these presents does not only come with lovely gourmet treats but also wonderful packaging and useful gifts, such as ceramic breadboxes, batter bowls beautifully designed totes, lovely baskets, and more.

You can also send an e-gift card that you get to design yourself and choose the value of the gift card that may range from $15 to $200. In order to add a more personal touch, you can opt for one of their personalized greeting cards that can be delivered together with your gift. What is particularly sweet is the possibility to make a personalized gift e-nouncement in order to announce the arrival of your gift. You can record a webcam message, send an e-card or opt for a certificate with your photo or logo.


Wolferman’s has a wide range of products on offer and the prices vary significantly depending on what you choose. We shall take a look at the prices of certain items in each category in order to help you get an idea of the price range.

Their birthday gifts can cost anywhere from $19.99 to $6.99 while the prices of Mother’s Day gifts range from $9.99 to $129.99. Gourmet basket and tote gifts range from $29.99 to $129.99, gourmet boxes and towers cost from $29.99 to $99.99, and the prices of specialty gourmet gifts range from $39.99 to $69.99.

A pack of their delicious, famous English muffins may cost anywhere from $9.99 to $49.99 while the cakes range from $12.49 to $49.99. The prices of meats and entrees range from $34.99 to $99.99. The cookie jars, mugs, muffin masters, and cutting boards cost from $9.99 to $34.99.

As you can see, they feature items that can fit any budget and they also offer discounts on certain products all the time. Some of their goods come with free shipping, which can help you save some more cash on your purchase.

If you opt for a subscription, you pay $79.99-$274.99 for 3-12 months of deliveries with the Bakery Favorites Club, $49.99-$179.99 for 3-12 months of deliveries with the Premium English Muffins Club, and $114.99-$374.99 for 3-12 months of deliveries with the Breakfast Club.

Wolferman's Pricing


Wolferman’s ships all across the US, including Hawaii and Alaska, and also caters to customers in Canada. The prices of shipping depend on the value of the order, as well as the location.

The standard rates for the continental US range from $4.99 to $21.99 for orders of up to $150. For orders that cost more than $150, the shipping costs amount to 15% of the value of the order. Shipping costs for club orders are $6.99 per shipment. If you want to send to a P.O. box instead of a street address, you need to pay an additional $5.99. Deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada come with an additional charge of $9.99. If you opt for expedited shipping, you need to pay the standard rate, plus $9.99 to $24.99 per item, depending on whether you want your shipment to arrive in 3 days, 2 days or overnight.

  • Wide selection of products
  • Great gifts for various occasions
  • Special clubs for baked goods lovers
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Kosher, sugar-free, and gluten-free products
  • Ships all over the US and Canada


  • No live customer support

Bottom Line

Wolferman’s is a truly lovely company with a long tradition and a wide range of products. Their baked goods are delicious and there are dozens of choices at your disposal. They also offer great gifts for nearly any occasion and there is something for everyone’s taste and budget. On top of that, they ship all over the US and Canada, so you can enjoy their delicious goods wherever you may be.

Wolferman's Rating

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Gift Options
Customer Care
Value for Money
Overall Experience
Final Rating9.0/10

User Reviews (9)

    Wolferman's user rating based on 9 user reviews.

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  • Submitted By Carol Jenckes on 12/25/2017
    I usually do not write reviews but I felt that I had to. The roduct is good but the way they schedule their deliveries is extremely disappointing! I had placed my order on Dec 3 for 3 gift baskets to be delivered on Dec 22nd. These baskets wete meant to delivered for Christmas breakfast . 2 were deliverec but the third was niot. I was told that they had sold out! Even Though I had ordered them three weeks in advance! They replaced it with something I did not want! This was so dissapoiinting !
  • Submitted By Anna on 12/24/2017
    Terrible customer service and operation. In early December (weeks in advance before Christmas), I had ordered two holiday baskets for two different families. I even paid extra delivery fees to get the orders delivered on the Saturday before Christmas. On the day the delivery was supposed to happen, both families did not receive their basket. I then called customer service and there was a 20 minutes wait to speak to someone. The first operator claimed that the basket was on its way to be delivered today by UPS. I asked why there wasn't a tracking number and also pointed out that it was 5pm on Saturday and that UPS would have already delivered them by now. When I asked for the tracking number again, he gave me the first two numbers and then the line got disconnected. I called again and waited another 20 minutes to speak to another customer service again. The lady tells me that the order was never shipped because the basket was sold out. First, why did the first operator tell me a different story that it was on it's way and pretended to give me a tracking number only to hang up on me? Second, why did the company continue to sell their baskets during the month of December without reserving the two baskets I had reserved (and already paid for) back in early December? And why not let clients know ahead of time when they cant fulfill their orders? At least give a chance to your clients to find another company! Clearly, they have no idea how to predict stock and how to keep an inventory. All in all, I recommend to avoid this company. They were a nightmare to deal with, from beginning to end and they are not reliable at all. I'm now trying to get a refund for the two baskets they never delivered and that's been a nightmare as well. They charged my paypal account twice for the same order and thats another drama they can't even seem to be able to solve on their end. I had to submit a dispute with Paypal to get my refund. After reading the other reviews on this site, I'm happy they didn't get their baskets because it sounds like their products are terrible. Again... AVOID at ALL COST.
  • Submitted By Neil Feldman on 12/22/2017
    this was a gift for the holidays. Part of the gift was shipped and made it., the other part of the gift never made it due to the incorrect address being listed(they entered the wrong address). They did try to correct, but again had the wrong delivery address. I have had issues with delivery with them in the past, but thought I would try again. Will not be using them for any future gifts.
  • Submitted By Jane on 12/22/2017
    We were very disappointed in all products in our basket. The cinnamon roll was doughy and bland, the English muffins were dense and tasteless, the English muffin bread was no better, even toasted. The dish towel is at least useful. These products are pricey and overrated.
  • Submitted By Gloria M. Sylvester on 09/12/2017
    Very disappointed 're the delivery of my order. I ordered two items. One was sent via Fedex and the other was sent Usps. I am a senior with physical problems which make it virtually impossible
  • Submitted By Annie Summers on 12/20/2016
    I have loved Wolferman’s ever since I was a child! Such a wonderful store!
  • Submitted By Daniel Pots on 11/05/2016
    Big fan of the English muffins, but I wasn’t too crazy about the bundt cake we ordered the last time, was a little dry.
  • Submitted By Sammy Gibbs on 09/18/2016
    Delicious, fresh, and not that expensive either. The family’s happy :)
  • Submitted By Brenda Malone on 08/22/2016
    Need more gluten-free goodies.

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