Wine Of The Month Club Review

UPDATED Apr. 2018

Wine of the Month Club was founded in 1972 by Paul Kalemkiarian as a wine shop whose aim was to offer only the best value-oriented wines to their customers. In the following years, Mr. Kalemkiarian’s son Paul Jr. started delivering hand-selected wines to customers’ doorsteps. That is how Wine of the Month Club became the very first wine delivery club in the world.

Wine of the Month Club has a long tradition of delivering wines of the best value. Paul Jr. tastes all the wines himself before deciding to offer any of them to his customers. This way, only carefully selected bottles of wine find their way to the members of the Club.

Wine of the Month Club delivers two bottles of the finest hand-selected wines each month, once every two months or once every three months. There are Classic Series of wines, Vintners Series, and Limited Series. Every wine you get is fully guaranteed, no matter the series they belong to. Membership can be changed or canceled anytime. In case you find your wine unsatisfying, you can get a replacement or a refund.

Wine of the Month Club is value-oriented and takes great care of their customers. That’s exactly why they have managed to maintain such a long tradition. Read this comprehensive Wine of the Month review to find out more.

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Wine Selection & Quality

While doing research for our Wine of the Month Club review, we found out that there is an extraordinary selection of wines from all over the world in the cellars of Wine of the Month Club. Mr. Paul Kalemkiarian tastes about 400 wines every month in order to pick only the best for his customers. There are 5 different clubs with special offers for you.

Classic Series Wine Club

This is where it all began! This is the first club and the club with the longest tradition. Paul Jr. tastes all the wines himself and chooses only the wines of the finest taste and best value. Every month, every other month or quarterly, you get two vintages of wine from a famous winery located in California or a lesser-known one from New Zealand or Hungary, for example. Wine of the Month Club sends two bottles in a box, one red and one white wine, but you can also choose two reds or two whites, it’s up to you.Classic Series Gift Membership

California Series Wine Club

California Series Wine Club presents the best of Californian wines. Two best values of Californian red wines are sent to your home each month, every other month or every third month. This club celebrates marvelous wineries from Napa, Santa Barbara, Sonoma, and all the other wine growing regions in California. If you love red wines from California, this is the club for you.California Wine Series club

Vintners Series Wine Club

If you like trying new flavors and enjoy quality wines, you have to take a closer look at this club. Vintners Series Wine Club is the newest addition to the family. It features a wide range of wines from all over the world. Mr. Kalemkiarian tends to choose one domestic and one imported wine for you each month. You can order one red and one white wine, two reds or two whites every month, every other month or quarterly.Vintners Series club

Limited Series Wine Club

This is a special selection for special occasions. Limited Series Wine Club presents first-class vintages to all wine lovers. Two bottles are carefully selected and sent to your doorstep every month for 12 months. You can decide whether you want to receive two reds, two whites or one white and one red wine. No matter the type, you always get limited edition wine brought from the cellars of the most distinguished wineries.Limited Series Wine Club

Cellar Series Wine Club

For all of you who like to have a stock, or a bottle or two extra in their houses, Cellar Series Wine Club is a perfect solution. Wine of the Month Club sends you six bottles of various hand-selected wines from Classic, Vintners or Limited Series. Common shipment includes four red and two white wines, but you can also choose to get only reds or only whites.Cellar Series Wine Club

What Makes Wine Of The Month Club Different

As we mentioned earlier in this Wine of the Month Club review, this is the first wine delivery club in the United States. The club’s tradition speaks for itself telling us that all those years on the market can only mean that they deliver wines of the highest quality to their loyal customers.

What makes Wine of the Month Club so reputable is the fact that the first man of the company takes care of the wine selection himself. Paul Kalemkiarian Jr. tastes the wines himself in order to select the very best for the members of his club.

All wines are delivered with newsletters which provide details of the vintages you receive. Alongside with the information of the origins of the wine, you also get free recipes for dishes that match the wine you’re drinking and tips on cellaring.

One more thing that distinguishes Wine of the Month Club from other wine clubs is their motto: “You never pay for the wine you do not like.” If you have any complaints about your shipment, you can inform the Club and your money will be refunded or you’ll get a replacement, whatever suits you better.

Gift Options

If someone you love or want to impress loves wine, you don’t have to think of their birthday gifts anymore. Wine of the Month Club offers various gifts from their cellars.

You can choose between one-time wine gifts and gift memberships. One-time gifts can include various wines of different types and origin. You can send one bottle, a wine basket or a wine assortment of 2, 6 or 12 wine bottles in a box. There’s a whole section of fine wines that could be sent as a gift to your loved ones. If you’re not certain about the kind of wine your friends prefer, you can also choose to send them some wine accessories or simply give them a gift certificate in the amount of $25, $50, $75 or $100. When you’re ordering a one-time gift, there are no limitations on the number of bottles, gift certificates or wine accessories you can purchase.

In case you know that your friends or family love quality wine and that a monthly delivery would make them very happy, you can select one of the Club’s Gift memberships. There are six different clubs. In addition to those five clubs available when you want to become a member yourself, there’s another club named Case Club Series Wine Club. This is the latest addition to the Wine of the Month Club offer, which includes 12 bottles of hand-picked wines every three months. All gifts are sent in a beautiful gift box with a personalized gift card.

Gift Wine Options


Wine of the Month Club selects the most value-oriented wines for you every month. With this club, you get quality wines for a significantly lower price than when you buy them at a store.

The Classic Series Wine Club membership costs $23.96 per month for two bottles of wine. If you want two bottles of Californian wines delivered to your doorstep, your monthly membership will amount to $28.96. The price of a shipment from Vintners Series is $33.96 and wines from the Limited Series Wine Club are $44.96 a month. Taxes and shipping fees aren’t included in these prices, so your bill also depends on the place where you live.

Shipping is free for all gift membership deliveries and the area of delivery doesn’t affect the price of the gift.

Membership at Wine of the Month Club is free per se. You only pay for the shipments you get and the shipping fees. Therefore, you can cancel your membership anytime without any penalties.

Moreover, in case you don’t like a wine you got, you can always ask for a replacement or a refund, no questions asked.

Customer Support

Wine of the Month Club offers customer support services through the phone and via email. You can call them to ask for information, change your order or cancel your membership, they’ll be glad to help you between 7 am and 5 pm (Pacific Time). In case you can’t phone them or want to ask something after hours, you can fill a form online or simply send them an email.

It’s a good idea to take a look at the FAQ section before contacting customer support because it can be very informative and you might find your answer there.

  • Great wine selection
  • Wines picked by experts and Mr. Kalemkiarian himself
  • Replacement or refund guaranteed
  • Free membership
  • They deliver to Alaska and Hawaii


  • Don’t deliver to all states
  • Shipping fee depends on location

Bottom Line

Tradition, quality, and variety – those are the words that describe Wine of the Month Club in a nutshell. Mr. Kalemkiarian and his team of experts taste and select the finest wines from all over the world for you. Whether you want domestic or imported wines, Wine of the Month Club has you covered. Bottles of limited edition vintages can enrich your special dinners if you choose to order from Wine of the Month Club.

We hope our Wine of the Month Club review has provided you with all the information you need in order to decide whether this club is the best choice for you.

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