Spoonful of Comfort is a company that delivers just what its name says – a little bit of comfort for your loved ones when they are feeling under the weather or simply need warmth, love, and support in the form of the world’s greatest comfort food – chicken soup. This simple idea has conquered the hearts of millions of users across the nation who simply love their chicken soup gift baskets. In this Spoonful of Comfort review, we’ll try to discover what it is that makes this company’s soups so delightfully special.

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Interface And Presentation

Chicken soup is the ultimate symbol of warmth and comfort and the Spoonful of Comfort’s website manages to get that exact feeling across with their cozy, a bit old-timey design, graphic solutions, and illustrations. If you haven’t heard of Spoonful of Comfort before, you’ll get the idea very quickly after spending only a few moments on their website. It’s clear from the get-go that their mission is to help you show care, love, and appreciation by sending someone a big bowl of delicious soup along with a personalized, hand-written message and maybe some other goodies thrown in the gift basket.

Ordering is very simple and only takes a couple of clicks. You choose the message you want to send with the soup, you choose the kind of soup you want (there is definitely more than just chicken soup here, although that particular one is the company’s all-time best seller), fill in the delivery details, and voila! The soup is on its way to your loved one.

The soups are very carefully packaged, with a personalized note and a cute little ribbon to cheer the recipient up. The website also offers extensive information about the soups, their ingredients, and the way they are shipped and handled in order to preserve the quality and flavor.

Meal Options And Variety

Spoonful of Comfort makes it perfectly clear that chicken soup is their number one product and the main reason why they got into the business in the first place. There is extensive nutritional info, like the one we see on food packaging labels, so you know exactly what you’re getting. In addition to the classic chicken soup, you can also get potato leek soup, tomato basil soup, gazpacho soup, ice cream, some rolls, and cookies.

For now, the company does not intend to expand their offer to include other dishes, as it seems that they’re doing quite well with soups alone. We can’t blame them for making this decision –  after all, there’s nothing like a bowl of hot soup when you’re feeling under the weather.

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Recipes And Programs

As we said before in this Spoonful of Comfort review, the main item on the menu is their celebrated chicken soup. Alternatively, you can go for potato leek, tomato basil or gazpacho soup, which are all vegetarian options. Gazpacho is served cold while the other soups are delivered refrigerated and require reheating.

Spoonful of Comfort does not feature special dietary programs for people with particular dietary needs, but they do offer a range of gift baskets for different occasions, such as “Thinking of You,” “Get Well Soon,” “Sympathy,” “College Care,” and “New Baby.” Each package comes in a different price range, depending on whether it only includes the soup or it also comes with cookies, soup ladle, hot tea, and other comfort items such as a cozy blanket, warm socks, and so on.

As for the ice cream, you can send up to four pints with six available flavors (Madagascar Vanilla, Sweet Strawberry Crème, Choco-lot-o-luscious, Cookie Connoisseur, Southern Caramel Praline, and Monticello Sorbet).

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The lowest price for chicken soup is $59.99 for a half gallon of soup, along with a note card and six rolls. For $69.99, you get all that plus a soup ladle and some cookies. Depending on the type of package and the occasion, different additions to the basket increase the price up to $99.99, which is the most expensive package. Tomato basil and potato leek soups are $69.99 for half a gallon as the starting price. Ice cream is $59.99 for four pints.

Delivery Areas

Although it’s not specifically stated on their website, Spoonful of Comfort apparently delivers to any address within the continental United States. We can only assume that Alaska and Hawaii are not covered by this service.

As you may have figured out already, we really like Spoonful of Comfort. That being said, check out our Top 10 Meal Delivery Services page and find the meal delivery services that are even better.

Spoonful of Comfort Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Spoonful of Comfort, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

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Final Rating7.5/10

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Spoonful of Comfort Review
Updated :03.21.2018.
Rating : 7.5/10
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