Who doesn’t love snacks? They are one of life’s greatest guilty pleasures. With companies like NatureBox, they don’t have to be so “guilty” at all. You can have your snack and enjoy it with a clear conscience knowing that you’re actually doing your body a favor by consuming healthy, balanced, and natural ingredients prepared in an utterly delicious manner. This is the main idea behind NatureBox, a service that delivers snacks to your doorstep, both at your home and at your office. Read this honest NatureBox review to learn more.

NatureBox Homepage

How NatureBox Works

This smart snack delivery company, as NatureBox advertises itself, can allow you to easily order snacks and improve your eating habits. You visit their website, check out their catalog, and add whatever snacks you like to your shopping cart. It’s that simple. The catalog is neatly divided into categories based on nutritional facts (from gluten-free, low sugar, and sodium snacks to vegan, high protein, and fiber-rich snacks) and on taste.

It is important to note that NatureBox is a members-only club. If you don’t have an account, you will be asked to create one at checkout and become a part of its growing family of satisfied members.

NatureBox Works

When it comes to membership, your first order gives you a chance to enjoy one-month free membership. After that, the membership will cost you $5 per month. The $5 you invest in your membership fee go to your credit and can be used for your next purchase. NatureBox offers special perks and discounts to their members. For example, you get 40% off all the snacks, which is definitely convenient. As for the membership fee, it is credited toward your future purchases.

Customer support is available via live chat on the NatureBox website and there is also a support form for email inquiries. We did not find a support telephone number on the website, but other support options seem to be quite speedy and efficient, which makes up for the lack of phone support.

What Makes NatureBox Different

The first thing that sets NatureBox apart from other similar services is the fact they are very careful about what kind of food they send to their clients. We are talking healthy snacks here, which means the items you will be receiving are carefully designed by nutrition experts. In other words, these snacks contain all the essential nutrients you need to function optimally. Not just that – they also offer snacks for those with special dietary needs, whether it is by choice (vegan, non-GMO, etc.) or due to health issues (low sodium, no sugar, gluten-free, fiber-rich snacks, and so on).

The company has a very wide coverage area and even includes some regions that are often neglected by delivery companies, such as Alaska, Hawaii, US territories, and military bases. NatureBox also offers office snack boxes, ideal for companies that want to keep their employees both healthy and happy by offering nutritious, balanced, and yummy snacking choices.

NatureBox only uses 100% recyclable boxes and materials, which is great news for all those looking to reduce their impact on the environment. Another great thing about this company is that if you get a snack you don’t like, you can contact customer support and ask for a store credit in the amount equal to the price of the said snack.

What You Get

NatureBox delivers healthy, natural, and balanced snacks to your doorstep or office. By snacks, we mean anything that doesn’t count as one of the three main meals – just something to keep you going between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. We already explained in this NatureBox review that by healthy, they mean balanced, nutritious, and free from any artificial ingredients.

Nature Box Get

You can pick any number of snacks you want to have delivered. We have to say their catalog is quite impressive and definitely mouth-watering. The items range from classics such as various trail mixes and nut and seed mixes, cookies, and granola bars to dried fruit, wafers, and crackers.

There are some surprising and even exotic options available, such as Aged Cheddar Lentil Loops, Garlic Plantains, Strawberry Carrot Fruit Chews, and Kung Pao Pretzels. In addition to individual snacks, there are also snack packs, including Cheese Lovers, Spicy Lovers, and Chocolate Lovers 4-snack packs.

Gift Options

NatureBox also offers gift boxes, ideal for various occasions, with carefully selected and combined snacks. There are three options to choose from: Just A Taste (6 snacks), More Please (12 snacks), and The Full Spread (20 snacks). All gift boxes come with free delivery and make lovely gifts for just about any occasion.

Nature Box Different


Each snack or snack box has its own price, which is somewhat higher that the cost of snacks at supermarkets, but then again, these are not just any snacks – their quality and nutritional value are obviously exceptional, which shows in the prices. Just to give you an idea, dried mango (3.6 oz) costs $5.49, Mini Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies (5 oz) cost $3.79, Harvest Nut Mix (4.5 oz) costs $4.49, and Apple and Cinnamon Oatmeal (12 pack) costs $17.99. As we said earlier in this NatureBox review, all NatureBox members get up to 40% off all items.

The prices of unlimited office plans, which bring you all-you-can-eat snacks for a fixed price, charged monthly, start at $12 per employee, which amounts to only 30 cents per day. When it comes to the prices of gifts, the 6-snack gift box costs $22.95, the 12-snack box is $38.95 while the 20-snack gift box costs $59.95.

Nature Box Pricing


NatureBox has quite a wide delivery coverage area. They deliver anywhere in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, as well as Canada, US territories and protectorates, and even military addresses. Delivery is free for purchases of $25 and up, except for Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, US territories and military addresses, where it costs $4.95. The same price applies for orders under $25, regardless of the location.

  • Balanced, healthy, nutritious snacks
  • Good for customers with special dietary needs
  • Clear and transparent nutritional information
  • Great variety
  • Excellent shipping coverage


  • Not the cheapest snack delivery service
  • Free shipping only for purchases of $25 and up
  • No phone support

Bottom Line

NatureBox is a good choice for those who can’t do without snacks but still want to be in control of what they’re eating and what kind of nutrients they are getting. The company provides clear information about the food they deliver and ordering and shipping are simple and efficient. Some of the snacks are absolutely delicious and mouth-watering, but for those who are not exactly adventurous when it comes to snacks, there are plenty of classic options available as well.

NatureBox Rating

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of NatureBox, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

Gift Options
Customer Care
Value for Money
Overall Experience
Final Rating8.9/10

User Reviews (5)

    NatureBox user rating based on 5 user reviews.

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  • Submitted By James Marshall on 12/21/2016
    I’ve received a Nature Box gift box once and I liked it so much I kept ordering it for my friends and coworkers several times. It makes a very cool gift, especially if it’s someone you don’t know very well and have no idea what to give them.
  • Submitted By Leslie Ann Hall on 09/28/2016
    I have an issue with this company advertising as healthy. It’s nice they list all the ingredients right there but if you bother to actually read them, you will see that many of the snacks are packed with simple sugars, some have too much sodium, too much trans fat and so on. I mean, those snacks are yummy and they are definitely better for you than chips or whatnot, but they are not healthy. A carrot is healthy.
  • Submitted By MotherMartha on 07/08/2016
    Love love love Nature Box! They are not the cheapest so I can’t really order from them as much as I’d like but they are so delicious and hard to resist!!
  • Submitted By Peyton Harding on 06/15/2016
    Cool subscription service for anyone who can’t keep their hands off yummy treats throughout the day. I myself am one of those, have been like that ever since I’ve stopped smoking 15 years ago, and this is actually a good way to keep busy and energized in good conscience because you know you’re not eating junk but some pretty decent stuff.
  • Submitted By Jesse Oyama on 04/19/2016
    The rations could be bigger. Also, their dried fruit is sometimes too chewy and frankly it can be a bit off-putting. Cookies and crackers are delicious. Oatmeals are basic.

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NatureBox Review
Updated :03.21.2018.
Rating : 8.9/10
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