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UPDATED Mar. 2019
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Important update: In December 2017, Habit stopped delivering its fresh meals in order to work on a solution that would allow it to ship meals across the country. The company has not yet set a date for the relaunch of its meal delivery service. Stay tuned for fresh updates.

Imagine a scientist took a look at your DNA, ran a couple of extra tests, told you exactly what you need to eat in order to be in the best possible shape, and then a meal delivery service provided you with freshly made meals that are in perfect accordance with what science says you should eat. This may sound like science fiction, but it is actually a brief summary of what a revolutionary service called Habit offers to its customers. Read this Habit review to find out what this unique meal delivery service can do for your diet and overall health.

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How Habit Works

Your journey toward the healthiest version of yourself starts with an at-home nutrition test kit. The kit includes the Habit Challenge Shake, which is a beverage designed to identify the ratio of carbs, fats, and proteins that is optimal for your body, three blood samples analyzed for all relevant nutrition-related indicators, three DNA samples used to identify genetic factors that shape your dietary needs, a digital questionnaire with questions about your weight, height, and other important details, and a measurement tape you should use to measure your waist.

Once you go through all the tests, you mail your samples to a lab. Once the samples are analyzed, you get a biology report that helps you understand your results, as well as a completely personalized nutrition plan designed to suit your individual dietary needs.

Habit is there to provide breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that are in strict accordance with your personal nutrition plan. You can decide whether you want to get 3, 5 or no breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and have your meals delivered 1 to 3 times per week, depending on the plan you opt for. Subscriptions are automatically renewed every week but you can cancel whenever you want.

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What Makes Habit Different

Habit is completely different from nearly all meal delivery services on the market. It takes a unique scientific approach to nutrition and gives personal meal planning a whole new meaning. By taking into account you vitals, genotypical data, and phenotypical data, it will build a unique meal plan just for you. Basically, it analyzes your needs from a variety of different angles, determines exactly what you need, cooks the meals for you, and delivers them to your home.

Not only do you get a meal plan that is uniquely yours and delicious, perfectly healthy meals cooked especially for you, but you also get the help of a coach who can make it even easier for you to reach your health goals. Whatever advice you may need, from setting realistic goals to meal ideas, you can turn to your coach who is available whenever you need help and can be contacted via phone or text. Habit provides a 100% personalized nutrition experience that is not to be missed.

Meals And Recipes

Previously in this Habit review, we said a couple of words about the meal options this company offers. Of course, there are no standard menus and plans, as everything is completely customized to suit your nutritional needs. You get to further customize your deliveries by choosing how many meals you want to receive and how often.

Habit meals

Every Sunday, you can take a look at your custom menu and decide which meals you want to order. You need to make your decision by 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday. You can order a different number of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every week (the options include 0, 3, and 5), so your deliveries can perfectly suit your changing schedule.

If you are allergic to something or have any kind of dietary restrictions, such as vegetarianism or veganism, you can be sure that Habit will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. The goal of this service is to provide exactly what your body needs and no request of yours is considered unreasonable.

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The nutrition test kit, test results, your personalized nutrition plan, and coaching come in a bundle called Habit Core, which costs $299 plus $10 for shipping and handling.

As far as the meals are concerned, breakfasts start at $7.99 while lunches and dinners start at $13.50. The more meals you order, the lower the price per meal. Shipping is free of charge on all meal orders.

Delivery Areas

Habit prcing

Habit nutrition test kits are available throughout the US, with the exception of New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Until December 20, 2017, the company’s fresh meals were available in the San Francisco Bay Area. Due to increased demand, the company has put its fresh meal delivery service on pause in order to focus its efforts on achieving nationwide coverage.

We will inform you as soon as the meals become available again. In the meantime, you can enjoy the benefits of the newly developed digital tools, recipes, and meal planning and nutrition tips Habit has been working on in the past months.

Habit Pros And Cons

To make sure Habit meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if Habit is the right meal kit service for you.

  • Scientific approach to nutrition
  • Completely personalized nutrition plans
  • Professionally cooked meals that suit your needs
  • Meals customized for allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Choose meals from your custom menu
  • Order a different number of meals every week
  • Free shipping on all meal orders


  • Does not fit every budget

Bottom Line

You may have noticed that we are thoroughly impressed by the offer of this one-of-a-kind meal delivery service. Not every day do we encounter a service that uses scientific methods to determine what you should eat and also provides delicious meals made just for you, created with all of your needs and preferences in mind. The Habit Core kit is not too affordable, but keeping in mind that it contains DNA and blood tests and a range of other components analyzed by scientists and nutritionists, we really did not expect it to cost less. The meals are more than reasonably priced, you pay less per meal if you order more, and shipping is free of charge.

The future of nutrition is here and we cannot wait for the company to expand its delivery area and allow everyone in the country to enjoy the benefits of improving their health with Habit.

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