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UPDATED Mar. 2019
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For almost a century now, the very word Godiva has been tantalizing the taste buds of chocolate worshippers around the globe. If you have a sweet tooth and like to pamper yourself by diving into the luscious world of fine chocolate, this in-depth Godiva review will hit the sweet spot.

It was 1926 when Belgian chocolatier Joseph Draps opened the doors of what is to be a worldwide phenomenon. Six hundred retail boutiques later, Godiva Chocolatier enjoys almost a cult-like following spread across three continents. This review of Godiva and their assortments, however, won’t take things at their face value but paint an objective picture from the customer’s point of view.

GODIVA Homepage

How Godiva Works

There are a few ways you can get your hands on Godiva goodies:

  • Hands-on, in one of their many shops. There is a nifty store locator on their official website that will pinpoint the Godiva shop that’s closest to you.
  • Classic online ordering with home delivery.
  • Online ordering with a twist – you buy online but pick up your order in person, which is a neat option for users who live near a Godiva shop.

The main difference between these options is the fact that, in their shops, you can mix and match pieces from their assortments while online ordering limits you to existing premade box combos.

What Makes Godiva Different

The folks behind Godiva seem to have found the right balance between traditional artisanship and keeping things fresh. Whether you want a taste of tradition from their Belgian Heritage Collection or a bite of their high-end Gold Box, you are in for a treat. What users stress in their Godiva reviews is the versatility of options tailored to fit every age and occasion.

Godiva is not just about chocolate; their offer also includes truffles, biscuits, chocolate liquor, dipped fruits, coffee, and ice cream, as well as party/wedding arrangements. As a cherry on top, if you are environmentally conscious, you can enjoy your fine Godiva chocolate knowing that the company openly supports and promotes sustainable programs and practices.

Godiva Gold Box

What You Get

Godiva doesn’t just sell chocolate, they’re selling an experience. We don’t just mean the history behind their products and luxury packaging but the finest quality of ingredients and craftsmanship. Every piece of Godiva chocolate looks like a small work of art with flavors to match.

If we failed to mention, Godiva products also come in Kosher and sugar-free varieties. Based on users of sugar-free sweets from Godiva, it seems that they’re doing a pretty good job at making these substitutes as close to the “real deal” as possible.

GODIVA What get


This Godiva review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t touch on the subject of prices. Their pricing plans are designed to cater to a wide range of budgets.

If you are in the mood to splurge, you can go with some of their high-end options like the Pure Bliss Gift Basket. If money is tight, you can still enjoy fine chocolate in the form of, say, their 6–piece assorted truffle boxes for under $20 a pop. Bottom line, the prices range from under $10 up to $150+.

Godiva Price

Gift Options

Godiva features a wide array of occasion-tailored gift options. If you are lacking ideas for an upcoming anniversary or birthday, this might just be that ace up your sleeve you so desperately need.

The gifts choices are many and include:

  • Anniversary packages, with the top pick being the Assorted Chocolate 90th Anniversary Gift Box (18pc) and White Orchid Classic Set.
  • Congratulatory sets, led by their Signature Truffle Gift Box.
  • Wedding & Shower Boxes, with the Gold Flavor Mint ribbon being the most-praised.
  • Baby shower gift sets, coming in three varieties of Gold Flavor Boxes with the option to choose from three different ribbon colors – Pink, Light Blue, and Sage.
  • Business gift boxes, made to match your corporate image and identity. These boxes carry a special dose of elegance and come in minimal packaging.
  • Personalized gifts and gift cards that allow you to add a personal touch or a card-blanche choice to the giftee.

Finally, if you are into some self-indulgence, Godiva offers the “Treat Yourself” packages.


If you order Godiva chocolate online, you have several options, including standard, second-day, next day, and even Saturday delivery. The service does not offer same-day delivery at this time.

Godiva’s delectable treats are available throughout the US. As an added bonus, you can choose a date in the future when you want your package to arrive.

GODIVA Pros And Cons

To make sure GODIVA meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if GODIVA is the right company for you.

  • Only the finest ingredients used
  • Every piece looks like it’s hand-crafted
  • Packaging is sleek and elegant
  • Wide range of prices to fit every budget
  • Kosher and sugar-free options offered
  • Personalized boxes available in stores
  • Flexible ordering & delivery choices
  • Heat-protection guarantee for delivery
  • Frequent discounts
  • Single orders can be shipped to up to 49 separate addresses
  • Reliable and simple order tracking


  • Not available worldwide
  • Same day shipping not available
  • The quality comes with a price tag to match

Bottom Line

If you’d like to experience chocolate at its finest, Godiva will be the Jack-of-all-trades you’ll most likely opt for. Their price-to-quality ratio paired with an abundance of gift, ordering, and delivery options will suit even the most demanding of tastes.

We all know a well-crafted commercial can bring forth a “5-minutes-of-glory” phenomenon to almost anything, right? It takes true quality and dedication to keep your dream going after that fleeting moment has passed.

Godiva’s (chocolate) dream stood the test of time, making even the sweetest of fantasies come to life. This alone merits a few raised eyebrows and a couple of curious gazes behind the looking glass.

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