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UPDATED Aug. 2019
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Important update: Unfortunately, Dcuisine shut down at the end of August 2017. Our list of the best meal delivery services can provide you with the top alternatives to Dcuisine, so you could continue enjoying all the perks of this type of service.

Dcuisine credits itself as an e-commerce business that is bent on delivering 100% all-natural, gourmet frozen meals directly to consumers via UPS. It was founded by Sam Metzger, the entrepreneur behind Chipwich – you may not remember the name but Chipwich cookies are quite possibly one of the best chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches available on the market.

Metzger teamed up with Master Chef Ken Arnone and they made Dcuisine, a simple solution to having a perfectly cooked meal on the table every day without lifting a finger. Read our objective Dcuisine review for more information.

Dcuisine homepage

How Dcuisine Works

Dcuisine makes it incredibly easy to plan your menu for the day or even for the whole week. At your disposal, you have soups and entrees you can combine into delicious meals or you can order a soup with a side of basmati rice and turn it into a full meal. Dcuisine also offers smoothies that can make for a perfect, healthy breakfast or a nice refreshment at any time of the day.

They may not have hundreds of different recipes like some other frozen food retailers out there, but you can be sure that once you order their food, you will get what you paid for. The meals are tasty, professionally cooked and you can see from the selection of dishes that they truly aim to please nearly everyone’s taste.

The process that takes place before the meals reach your home involves several simple steps. First, they choose the best natural ingredients. They come up with ways to turn them into delicious, healthy meals and prepare the dishes with care and dedication. Once the meals are ready, they are flash frozen in order to preserve the flavor and keep all the valuable nutrients. All you need to do is browse their menu, pick the meals you like, choose how many of each you wish to have delivered, and wait for the lovely food to arrive.

What Makes Dcuisine Different

Dcuisine does not focus on providing you with exotic, intricate meals that combine the ingredients in the most unexpected ways and satisfy the needs of the most adventurous of eaters. As we have mentioned earlier in this Dcuisine review, they bring you the meals most people love in order to ensure that a wide range of customers can enjoy their dishes. By sticking with the classics, they bring you the food you are used to eating at home, which makes the meals even more comforting.

Dcuisine Different

Not many meal delivery services pay much attention to soups as a part of a healthy diet, but Dcuisine has an entire section dedicated to soups that can be easily turned into a most satisfying meal. Each soup on their menu comes with the possibility of adding a portion of basmati rice, which is a handy option you can hardly find elsewhere.

The key to a good meal is careful preparation, with close attention paid to every single step in the process. By making their meals in small batches, the people behind Dcuisine make sure every dish is cooked perfectly and tastes just right. Their food is as close to a home-cooked meal as it gets when it comes to meal delivery.

If you like Dcuisine meals, you can send them as a gift to someone you care about and treat them to a couple of days’ worth of delicious meals and more importantly, some well-deserved time away from the kitchen. The rules of sending gifts are the same as the ones that apply to ordering food for yourself. Just pick the meals you want to send someone, choose the quantity, and that is it.

Meals And Recipes

In the earlier sections of this Dcuisine review, we have mentioned that this company allows you to order a la carte, that is, choose every meal by yourself. There are no special plans, just a menu featuring their latest creations, just like in restaurants. That way, you avoid the possibility of getting dishes you may not like or ingredients you need or want to avoid.

dcuisine meal mac and cheese

The number of menu items is not that impressive, but it is not disappointing either. Most of the time, you can choose from 2 smoothies, 3 to 5 soups, and around 10 entrees. Each entree is good for one serving and comes in a 10 oz. container. Soups are packed in 6 oz. containers and contain 2 servings while smoothies come in 8 oz. packs, which is enough for one serving.

When ordering a dish from Dcuisine, you do not have to rely on the pretty picture and the name of the dish in order to decide whether you like it. Each menu item comes with a mouthwatering description, including all the ingredients used, and you can take a look at Chef Ken’s notes in order to find out what makes the dish healthy, delicious, and special. Apart from the meal descriptions, you get a full table of nutrition facts, as well as tips for easily preparing the meals.

dcuisine meal lasagna

While Dcuisine does not have special meals for different dietary needs, more than half of their meals are gluten-free. The soups and the smoothies almost never contain gluten and there are always several entrees that contain no gluten products. All gluten-free dishes are labeled (GF), so you can easily pick the right meals.


The prices of meals at Dcuisine can best be described as average or above average. The smoothies cost $8 per serving and the prices of soups normally range from $10 to $14 for 2 servings. If you want to add the basmati rice, you need to pay $4 in addition to the price of the soup. The prices of entrees range from $12 to $18, which is slightly above average, but still worth it.

Though their meals are not the most affordable on the market, they often have some special offers. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the discounts they offer every once in a while, as you can save quite a lot of money on your orders.

Dcuisine Pricing

Delivery Areas

Dcuisine delivers meals anywhere in the continental United States. They ship their food at a flat shipping price of $18 for deliveries that are less than $120. You get free shipping if your order is over $120. All orders are shipped via UPS.

The shipments are made once a week, on Mondays. If you want to have your food delivered the following week, be sure to place your order before Sunday night. If you want to know when you can expect your food to arrive, check out the table in their FAQ section, which contains detailed information on delivery days for all states they ship to. You can also track your delivery using the UPS tracking number you receive via email once your meals are ready to ship. Delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Dcuisine Pros And Cons

To make sure Dcuisine meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if Dcuisine is the right company for you.

  • Fresh, all-natural ingredients
  • Easy a la carte ordering
  • Detailed nutrition info on all meals
  • Free shipping for orders over $120
  • Most of the meals are gluten-free


  • No meals for special dietary needs except for gluten-free
  • No customization options
  • Frozen, not fresh meals
  • Prices slightly above average
  • Does not ship to Alaska and Hawaii

Bottom Line

At the end of this Dcuisine review, we have to say that we are neither too pleased nor disappointed with the offer of this meal delivery service. Yes, their meals are quite good and carefully, professionally prepared and the meals on the menu are mostly classics most customers like. Apart from entrees, they offer soups and smoothies, which is quite nice. Most of the meals are gluten-free. The ingredients are all-natural, which is always good news. On the other hand, they do offer fewer options than most frozen meal delivery services. We are not too excited about meals being frozen either. There are no customization options – unless we count the addition of basmati rice to the soup as customization. There are no meals for people with special dietary needs, apart from those on the gluten-free diet. The prices are not that affordable, though you can save some cash by keeping an eye on the discounts, as well as with orders of $120 or more. All in all, it is worth giving a try, considering the quality of the meals, but we suggest you make use of all the discounts in order to get the optimal price-to-value ratio.

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