The 17 Day Diet Delivery weight loss program was designed for people who need to shed pounds quickly and offers amazing results. Unlike many other rapid diets that starve you down to size, Dr. Mike Moreno’s 17 Day Diet relies on researched and proven methods that help you lose weight and keep it for good. Moreno outlines the weight loss program in his book The 17 Day Diet which made it on the New York Times (#1), Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, Booksense and Amazon bestseller lists.


How The 17 Day Diet Delivery Works?

Their program works very simply. After all, there is only one diet program that this meal delivery service offers.

For the purpose of this 17 Day Diet review, we used the ordering form on their website, but you can also order by phone. After the delivery arrives, you are expected to follow the program to the T in order to achieve the desired weight loss. They do all the hard work for you by planning meals and preparing them for your convenience.

Finally, the last step is arriving at your desired goal weight. However, the program does not stop there. The whole point of this program is to maintain a healthy weight by continuing this diet and improving the quality of your lifestyle. It is supposed to be an ongoing process that is aimed for people that need to lose weight quickly and simply, and then keep it up in order to make it last.

Their FAQ section also offers a lot of answers to potential questions, and it is split into three sections for easier navigation. There is a section for general information about 17 Day Diet Delivery, questions about their delivery and deadline information, and a nice section with questions regarding the nutritional information.

The meal program itself is based on the guidelines from the book and is split into 3 meals per day. This means that there is no need to supplement the diet with any other snacks or probiotics. It is stated that if you actually want to do so, you must also find the proper guidelines in the book. Otherwise, you are less likely to achieve the desired results.


What Makes 17 Day Diet Delivery Different?

The success of this meal program is based on the huge success of Dr. Mike Moreno’s bestselling book. It might be just a piece of speculation, but according to the author, millions of people have lost weight using this method. The whole program is safe, fast and extremely effective.

In a nutshell, the 17 Day Diet program gets you started on your weight loss journey and guides your diet through 4 17-day cycles that cumulatively produce a desired weight loss. The key premise that Dr. Moreno focuses on is that a variety of nutrients is the main trigger for a faster metabolism. By introducing a larger variety of food, especially substituting saturated fats and sugars with healthy ingredients, you are guaranteed to trim the fat off of the key areas of your body.

The first 17 day cycle is called Accelerate and it is the rapid weight loss cycle. Sugar and fat are flushed from your system and you start introducing foods and nutrients into your diet that are proven to effectively trim belly, thigh and stubborn zone fat.

The second cycle – Activate – is the metabolic boost cycle. In it, you alternate between low and high calorie days and the fat melts like ice.

The third cycle – Achieve – is the steady weight loss cycle. In it, you’re supposed to learn about proper portion control and start with the 17 Minute Spot Reduction Workout, which is exciting, as well as quick.

And finally, there comes the fourth cycle – Arrive. This is the efficient control cycle that works if you are already used to the concept of eating healthy and fully dedicated to achieving your goals. The last cycle allows you to even enjoy a cheat day (or two) on the weekends and get your hands on your favorite food.

All in all, this is definitely a bit different than some other weight loss meal delivery services on the market. They also have a results page dedicated to testimonials from people that have tried it and who are ready to vouch for the program. Reading other people’s testimonials is an important part of making a weight loss decision for many people, and it is often a key trigger for actually embarking on a diet adventure.

Meals and Recipes

The good thing about 17 Day Meal Delivery is that you have complete control over the actual menu. All adjustments are made through the member’s customization portal.

The 17 Day Diet Delivery website isn’t very forthcoming when it comes to what the menus look like before you register, so, we wanted to offer you some insight into what a regular day on the 17 Day Diet looks like. Each day comes with a perfectly balanced meal plan. This will provide you with a great basis for your weight loss and enough energy for your activities on a day-to-day basis. There’s a good breakfast to get you started, quick and easy lunch to get you through the day and a yummy dinner to warm your heart and tummy before bed.


Our first day started with a sweet & sour combination of spinach mushroom crepes with an addition of mixed berry compote. We’ve noticed that their menus are a bit biased towards french-style breakfasts so there are mostly crepes and omelettes, but we didn’t mind. In fact, the combinations of ingredients are very creative and very heartwarming.

Next up, for lunch, we had jerk chicken with mango chutney. 17 Day Diet Delivery has a very tasty jerk season mix and we applaud them for it. You will rarely have a chance to try something better. This tasty piece of chicken and mango chutney is perfectly rounded up with tomato okra and spinach for maximum flavor variety.


And boy, do we love spicy food. For dinner, we had to go and get our hands on their roasted turkey with diablo sauce. We don’t know the exact recipe for creating this awesome hot sauce, and there’s probably no way of ever finding it out, but we know that it went perfectly well with turkey, rounded up with some peppers, broccoli and carrots to balance all the heat and cool things to an enjoyable optimum. Although frozen, all meals came out perfect when reheated and served.

This meal delivery service, just like many others on the market, delivers your food each week. This means that in every customizable delivery you get 7 days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners.


Each 17 Day Meal Delivery weekly delivery costs about $185, which means that your daily menu costs as little as $26. That”s right – a full daily menu consisting of a healthy, delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner costs less than eating dinner at an average restaurant. A bonus to the affordable price is the fact that all the deliveries are made free of shipping costs. And not just for the first order. You get free shipping for every weekly delivery.

Delivery Areas

All orders are delivered by FedEx and they service the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. There is useful information about the ordering process, deadlines and cancellation in their FAQ sections. You are advised to consult this page if you’re looking to form a long-term commitment to this program.

  • Bestselling weight loss program
  • Delicious entrees for the entire day
  • Affordable prices


  • Long-term commitment required
  • You have to read entire book to get it

Sample Dishes

Bottom Line

Achieving healthy, efficient and sustainable weight loss is rarely an easy endeavor. If you read the book and are tempted to go on 17 Day Diet journey, this meal delivery service can be your valuable ally. Nonetheless, you need to keep in mind that weight loss is achieved much harder than simply changing what and how you eat. You need a nutritionally balanced diet plan, a change of lifestyle that would induce higher calorie burn which means more exercise and other activities, and most importantly, you need to fully commit yourself to the plan. Although 17 Day Diet might seem like a magic solution to many different people, it is still very far from that.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Sandy Griffits on 10/02/2016
    I was kind of bummed out by the fact that this program actually is too good to be true. It sounded really awesome and all the info that I read online pointed towards a safe bet. Still, I lost only 3 pounds in 17 weeks, not 10-12 as it is promised. The meals themselves are delicious and nutritious (I presume), but I could have lost those 3 pounds just by skipping on sweets and soda. Which I did. This was still a good experience since I learned I could live without those added sugars. Too bad I had to pay more than $500 to realize that.


  • Submitted By Raoul Myer on 09/14/2016
    I think it’s a shame this meal program doesn’t also include an exercise program. I’m positive that you couldn’t possibly achieve those results by continuing to be a couch potato and just eating the meals. Meals are tasty and worth every penny, but still, the whole program feels kind of incomplete.
17 Day Diet Delivery Review
Updated : 07.19.2017.
Rating : 7.2/10