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With its incredible selection of fresh, premium-quality ingredients and innovative ideas for how to turn those ingredients into amazing, healthy dishes, Blue Apron has made many a household happy and has taken the stress out of planning and preparing meals for the family.

What makes Blue Apron particularly attractive to customers across the US is the fact that it allows you to have the pleasure of cooking for your loved ones by yourself while leaving grocery shopping, ingredient prepping, and recipe hunting to the experts. You no longer have to stress over finding just the right, sustainably grown produce and meat – and with the detailed instructions that come with your every delivery, you will get the recipe perfect every single time. On top of that, you do not have to worry about having to do any last minute purchases, as all the ingredients you order come in just the right quantity. Blue Apron also allows you to purchase the best wine to go with your meals, as well as the dishes and utensils you need to prepare the meals, right from their website. Whether you are cooking for only two people or a family of four, Blue Apron can help you make sure everyone leaves the table feeling satisfied and full. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The Meal Delivery Services sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every Meal Delivery Service provider or Meal Delivery Service offer available. Close


However, Blue Apron is not the only company providing services like this. There are plenty of companies like Blue Apron out there. While Blue Apron is definitely a one-of-a-kind kind of company, there are quite a few meal delivery services that employ a similar concept. Depending on your personal preferences, some of them may even constitute a better choice for you overall.

In this text, we will introduce you to the offers of 5 companies like Blue Apron. Though quite similar in their approach to the business, these meal delivery services invest quite a lot of time and effort in order to one-up the competition and stand out from the rest of the lot. That is why, in the mini-reviews that follow, we will focus not only on highlighting the qualities that make these companies like Blue Apron, but we will also point out what makes each of them unique.

Without further ado, here is our list of top 5 Blue Apron competitors. Read on and discover your new favorite meal delivery service.

Editors Choice
Cooking healthy meals in no time

Sun Basket Reviews


Sun Basket is definitely a synonym for variety. Apart from bringing only the best, freshest seasonal ingredients to your door, Sun Basket lets you choose between 18 recipes every week, which is in fact twice as many as in the case of Blue Apron. Keeping in mind the different needs and desires of their customers, the professionals behind Sun Basket have devised 8 different meal plans: Chef’s Choice (recipes handpicked by their star chef), Lean & Clean, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Mediterranean, Pescatarian, Vegan, and Vegetarian.

What makes Sun Basket special is not only the quality of the pre-measured ingredients you receive, the uniqueness of the recipes, and the convenience of it all – it is the friendly attitude that makes you feel like you have made the right choice. Chef Justine, the true heart and soul of the place, makes sure you feel the love and care in every bite and offers you all the advice you need in order to cook like a pro and make the most of the delicious goodness that comes in every package.

No matter which plan you choose, you also get to pick the quantity, depending on whether you are cooking for two or four people. The best thing is, they really care about making you happy, so if you are not satisfied with your delivery, you get a full refund.

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Planet-friendly meal service

Home Chef Review

home chef homepage

Home Chef is all about saving you time and effort and making sure what you get is exactly what you need and love. They carefully select all the ingredients and each week you get to choose between 10 new dinner options, as well as fresh breakfast ideas. Apart from that, they even offer a fruit basket and a smoothie every week in order to make sure you get all the vitamins you need from your diet.

Home Chef likes to keep it personal, which is why they ask you to fill out your personal taste profile, so they can create the recipes you are sure to love and enjoy. As far as special dietary needs are concerned, their menus have got them all covered, with gluten-free, soy-free, and low-carb meals available every time you stop by.

With this company, you do not only save time on choosing and measuring the ingredients and coming up with recipe ideas, but you also save time on cooking, as all of their recipes are designed to take no more than half an hour to prepare.

Home Chef wants you to order because you want to, so they do not require that you stick to a particular schedule. You can cancel or skip a delivery anytime directly from their website.

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Fresh, tasty and healthy cooking

HelloFresh Review

HelloFresh homepage

Hello Fresh was created with the sole purpose of letting you enjoy cooking without all the unnecessary hassle, thus making it possible for even the busiest of people to benefit from all the perks of a home-cooked meal at the end of a long day. With each delivery, you get new, delicious recipes and all the ingredients you need, pre-measured for your convenience, hand-picked, locally sourced, and perfect for the recipes they designed just for you.

Depending on your habits and dietary needs, you can choose between three meal plans: Classic, Vegetarian, and Family. You also get to pick the number of meals you would like to prepare that week, determine the amount of ingredients depending on whether you are cooking for 2 or 4 people, and the day on which you would like to have the recipes and ingredients delivered.

We love how Hello Fresh lets you save on your purchases in more than one way. By subscribing to their newsletter, you get a $15 discount and the more food you order, the less you pay for each individual meal. On top of that, they deliver nationwide (apart from Alaska and Hawaii) and do it free of charge, so you only end up paying for the food you enjoy.

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Home Cooking With Martha Stewart

Marley Spoon Review

Marley Spoon Homepage

Marley Spoon is a popular meal kit service that offers incredible recipes crafted by none other than the famous Martha Stewart. By providing superior-quality, pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow 6-step recipes, this service allows you to cook a sensational gourmet dinner in even less than half an hour.

The menu changes weekly and features 10 mouthwatering dinner recipes suitable for a variety of diets. You can opt for vegetarian, kid-friendly, low-carb, low-calorie, dairy-free, gluten-free or one-pot delights. Every week, you can order 2, 3 or 4 recipes for 2 or 3-4 people.

The prices are quite similar to those at Blue Apron. If you are ordering for 2 people, you pay between $9.50 and $12 per serving. If you are cooking for 4, the price per serving ranges between $8.70 and $9.50. The price depends on how many recipes you decide to order – the more you order, the less you pay per serving. Shipping is free on all orders.

Marley Spoon offers incredibly flexible subscription plans. You can switch between the 2-People and the 3-4-People plan whenever you wish, skip a delivery if you have other plans, and cancel your subscription hassle-free. The meal kits are available in most of the contiguous US, as well as the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Australia, and Austria.

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Great Meal Kits At The Best Price

Dinnerly Review

dinnerly homepage

Not long ago, Marley Spoon decided to offer a more budget-friendly alternative to its customers. It launched Dinnerly, the most affordable meal kit service in the US. With Dinnerly, you can enjoy the same quality of ingredients and recipes as with Marley Spoon, only at a lower price.

There are two main reasons why Dinnerly is so affordable. First, it provides digital recipes instead of the carefully crafted printouts. Second, each recipe calls for no more than 6 ingredients. This allows it to offer meal kits that are twice as affordable as those at Blue Apron.

The weekly menu features 3 recipes, which may not sound like much, but the truth is that each of them is a true crowd-pleaser designed to suit a variety of tastes and dietary needs. At the moment, you can enjoy vegetarian-friendly, low-carb, gluten-free, and dairy-free meals. You can choose between the Two-Person Box, which brings you 3 recipes for 2 people, and the Family Box, which includes 3 recipes for a family of 4. The boxes are delivered weekly. No matter which box size you choose, you pay only $5 per portion. Each delivery comes with an$8.99 shipping fee.

If you do not like all the recipes Dinnerly has prepared for the week, there is no need to worry. You can easily skip a delivery. Cancelling your subscription is just as simple; just be sure to skip or cancel before Dinnerly starts preparing your next delivery. Dinnerly is available nationwide, with the exception of Upstate New York and certain rural areas of the US.

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As you have probably noticed, all of these companies like Blue Apron are committed to providing you with only the best, freshest ingredients and helping you save time and effort you would otherwise invest in planning and cooking your meals. They help you introduce variety into your diet and provide you with the comfort of knowing you are only eating healthy food that is actually good for you, without any unnecessary additives and excess sodium and carbs. You also get to enjoy the benefit of never having to do with too much or too little, as everything you receive is pre-measured and delivered in just the right amount necessary to keep you nourished and feeling full.

Now that we have highlighted all the great qualities they have in common, it is time to focus on what makes each one of them different and unique and point to the reasons why you might choose one over the other. When choosing the right meal delivery service, what matters most is determining which offer fits best with your schedule and dietary preferences, brings most variety and of course, offers the best value for your money.

Like Blue Apron, the companies on our list offer you the chance to choose between a number of meal ideas on the weekly menu. Some of them even surpass the variety offered by Blue Apron, offering twice as many options every week. It is great news that some of the meal delivery services we presented here care deeply about catering to their customers’ special dietary needs, which means that the recipes they offer are particularly designed to accommodate even the pickiest of eaters and people with various food allergies, so be sure to carefully review their options and choose the one that offers just what you like and need.

Flexibility is also highly important and the companies on this list vary in respect to how flexible they are in terms of meal plans and cancellations. You do not wish to find yourself stuck with a subscription that no longer works for you or without the possibility to skip an order, so make sure you go with the company that lets you determine exactly how much food you want and when you want it and allows you to skip or cancel whenever you feel the need.

The prices of meal plans offered by these five meal delivery services are also different, which is why it is important to determine which option is most affordable. Some companies may offer cheaper meals but charge for shipping while others may have somewhat higher prices of meals but ship free of charge and offer various discounts. Therefore, it is wise to take all of these aspects into consideration before you reach your decision.

Even though there are many factors you should keep in mind, it is important to know that, no matter which one of these companies you choose, you will not regret your decision and you can always give a couple of them a shot and stick with the one that keeps you most satisfied. If you are still uncertain about which one to try out first, we recommend that you check out our full reviews of these companies and get a deeper insight into their offers, as well as the prices of their plans, in order to make the best possible decision that will excite your palate and keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy.

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