Best Organic Meal Delivery Services

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As the knowledge and awareness of the ways we pollute the planet and its resources increases, so does the number of people who turn to exclusively organic foods. Some people think that “organic” is the same as “healthy” or even “vegan” and those are, of course, misconceptions. Organic food is food that has been produced in a sustainable way, without using any artificial fertilizers, pesticides, GMO and irradiation, and, when it comes to meat, without any pharmacological aids (hormones, antibiotics, etc). The food industry today is just that – an industry. It uses every possible synthetic, chemical and artificial aid it can, without regard to the effects those things can have on our health. Naturally, more and more people are deciding to take their health into their own hands and say no to large food industries, turning to simpler ways to produce food, the way our great grandfathers did it, and that is precisely why organic food is so popular.

However, as you probably know, maintaining a strictly organic diet is not that simple. First of all, some areas do not have access to organic food – it is not sold in their local supermarkets and the local farmers are not too eager to switch to organic production. Plus, certain food items are particularly hard to find in organic form. Second, organic food is often more expensive than “regular” food. Third, it’s really hard to eat organic food alone, without allowing non-organic food items into your diet. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The Meal Delivery Services sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every Meal Delivery Service provider or Meal Delivery Service offer available. Close


Because of all this, meal delivery companies that offer organic options or only work with organic food are gaining more and more customer month after month. Of course, not all of them are equally good at it, which is why we reviewed them and came up with a list of what we believe are the best organic meal delivery services in the business at this moment.

With these companies, you really know exactly what you are getting. They make sure to specify which (if not all) of their ingredients and complete meals are organic, and they are often certified organic too. Furthermore, they insist on creating a link between you, a consumer, and the manufacturers – the farmers who produce your organic food. With such as powerful bond of trust, no wonder their customer base keeps growing day after day. So, if you were thinking about signing up for an organic meal delivery service, read on and find out which company is right for you.

Editors Choice
Cooking healthy meals in no time

Sun Basket Reviews


Sun Basket is a great choice for everyone who wishes to eat healthy, organic food, but does not want to bother with searching for the highest-quality ingredients and coming up with new recipes every day. By offering the best seasonal produce, meat, and seafood and great recipes designed by a top San Francisco chef, it saves you the time and trouble of meal planning and grocery shopping and give you something new and exciting to try each week. The ingredients it ships are packed in insulated boxes and pre-measured for your convenience.

As a Sun Basket customer, you get to choose between the Classic menu that allows you to cook for 2 or 4 people and the Family menu designed for families of 4. With the Classic menu, you get to choose 3 out of 18 recipes from the weekly selection. You can opt for one of the meal plans designed to satisfy the dietary needs of vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, and people on the Mediterranean, Paleo or gluten-free diets. Other plans available with the Classic menu include the Chef’s Choice plan, which allows you to enjoy 3 of the chef’s favorite recipes and the Lean & Clean plan, which includes low-calorie meals free from dairy and gluten. If you choose the Family menu, you can order 2, 3 or 4 recipes for 4 people out of the 6 fresh and delicious options available every week. The meal plans at your disposal include Chef’s Choice and Vegetarian.

What is great about Sun Basket is that it is one of the most environmentally responsible meal delivery services around. It uses only fully recyclable packaging and offers tips on how to recycle it.

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Healthy eating made easy

Trifecta Nutrition Review


Trifecta Nutrition is a great choice for anyone searching for a meal delivery service which provides professionally cooked meals made exclusively from organic ingredients. In this world dominated by processed foods, it is always comforting to know that the food that is delivered to you was made from produce that came straight from the farm, into the hands of expert chefs and reached your home in recyclable containers.

Eating clean is no easy task, with a limited selection of organic products offered in stores and the price that comes along with it. Trifecta allows you to enjoy healthy, clean and scrumptious meals every day, while saving both your time and money.

Take a look at their meal plans and the amazing bulk ordering offer and you will be pleasantly surprised to see that having organic meals delivered to your home does not have to be pricier than eating fast food (not to mention that eating processed foods comes at a much greater price). If you are curious about their services, be sure to visit their website, view their meal plans, FAQ and articles and make use of the neat live chat option and get quick responses to your questions.

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A major treat for Paleo food-lovers

Pete’s Paleo Review


Pete’s Paleo is a meal delivery service that takes food seriously. They know that in order to keep their customers happy and healthy, their meals need to tasty, nutritious, perfectly cooked and made of meat and produce that come from animals and plants that received all the proper care and none of the harmful substances. All of the dishes in their offer are completely organic and in accordance with the rules of Paleo diet. You can choose one of their standard Paleo meal plans for 1-4 people, including family and vegetarian plans, or order ready-to-eat meals for 21-Day Sugar Detox program and Wahl’s Paleo Protocol.

Pete’s Paleo does not only deliver meals. You can also order amazing Pete’s Paleo bacon and bone broth for your cooking enjoyment, as well as a book on Paleo cooking written by Chef Pete himself and their e-book with breakfast recipes (if you order 7 Days of Breakfast, you will receive an e-book with 4 bacon recipes free of charge).

Pete’s Paleo delivers nationwide, but if you live in or near San Diego, you can also pick up the food yourself every Thursday, on six different San Diego locations, at different times of day.

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Tasty vegan meals at a great price

Vegin’ Out Review


Vegin’ Out is a meal delivery service that gives you the chance to eat professionally prepared, healthy food in the comfort of your home. Their meals are free from animal produce and perfect for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone else who wishes to experience the benefits of a plant-based diet. They work hard on finding the freshest produce available. On average, their meals contain 85% of organic, locally grown ingredients.

With Vegin’ Out, you always get exactly what you wanted. You can try all the 8 dishes on the menu for that week and enjoy maximum variety, or choose to have only some of the dishes delivered in larger quantity. You can tell them which ingredients you dislike, if you are allergic to anything or if you are on a gluten-free diet, and they will make sure that the meals you receive contain none of the undesired ingredients.

The meals provided by Vegin’ Out include vegetarian/vegan entrées, side dishes, soups and cookies. It is important to know that all of the dishes provided by Vegin’ Out are free from cholesterol, dairy, trans-fats and have low fat content. They deliver to all US states except Alaska and Hawaii.

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Whether you are already fully committed to a diet consisting only of organic food and ingredients, or you are simply interested in making healthier choices by including more and more organic foods into your diet, you should definitely consider signing up for one of these meal delivery companies, and for several good reasons.

First of all, meal delivery is a very convenient option. You can decide just how many meals you want delivered, whether you want to receive meals every day or just occasionally, but whatever you choose, it will definitely make your life easier. It can be pretty annoying having to come up with dinner ideas day in and day out, especially if you have a family and/or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid fast food.

With some meal delivery services, what you get are not actual meals, but rather meal kits – boxes full of ingredients you need in order to cook a delicious, nutritious, carefully planned organic meal. This way of cooking is very fun because all the hard work is eliminated and what’s left is the pure joy of cooking. You get to learn new recipes and try out new ingredients, and it’s incredibly fulfilling. Other meal delivery services, however, deliver meals that are already cooked. They are usually flash-frozen and all you need to do is reheat them and plate them. This is a better option for many, because it’s simply more convenient. You don’t even have to do the dishes after dinner!

Second, as we already said earlier in this article, eating organic can be hard work. Sometimes, you literally have to hunt for food, order ingredients online or from far away, pay some ridiculously high prices and often end up eating only a handful of food items because a wider variety is simply not available or convenient to get. Meal delivery services bring you amazing, delicious and sometimes exotic organic food right at your doorstep. You don’t have to do any shopping and you don’t even need to frantically check the labels to verify whether the food is truly organic or a fraud (it happens, believe it or not).

Meal delivery services discussed in this article are doing a fine job at providing you with the highest quality ingredients and meals that 100% organic, unless stated otherwise. The food usually comes from locals farms and manufacturers and you can rest assured it really is organic in the correct meaning of the word. “Organic” doesn’t just mean “non-industrial.” There is so much more to it than that. This food has been produced according to complex principles of organic farming, and it doesn’t just apply to fruits and veggies. Meat and dairy can be organic too. It’s more complicated to achieve (hence the higher prices of organic meat and milk) but it is just as important, if not more, considering all the harmful things that industrial meat and dairy manufacturers put in their products – hormones and antibiotics are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s not forget that organic food is also more ethical and fair to animals, not to mention it is environmentally friendly.

Finally, with these meal delivery services, you can also expect some really delicious meals. Most of them work with actual chefs who come up with amazing recipes on daily basis, and you will have restaurant-quality organic food that will surprise you with each meal. Also, if you have any other dietary preferences, such as vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb, low-calorie and so on, you can specify that in your order and your meal delivery service will make sure to accommodate your needs. The same goes for allergies and food intolerances, of course.

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