Best Meal Kit Services In The UK

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All UK meal kit services may look alike to the untrained eye. It is all about high-quality ingredients, maximum convenience, amazing variety, meals for all tastes, and so on, and so on. However, once you scratch the surface, these services differ more than you would imagine. Each one of them has a different menu, different ordering options, and a different approach to the business. So what is it that makes one meal delivery service better than the other and how do you identify the best meal delivery services available in the UK?

It is a long process of tasting, evaluating, re-tasting, re-evaluating, comparing, and viewing objectively all the positive and negative features of every service on the market. In other words, you have to kiss a lot of frogs until you find the prince, if you know what we mean. Still, once we do find the real gems among all the meal delivery services the UK has to offer, we feel immense joy, especially since we get to share our finds with everyone in search of the perfect service. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The Meal Delivery Services sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every Meal Delivery Service provider or Meal Delivery Service offer available. Close


The right meal delivery service takes the guesswork out of meal planning. It allows you to always know what delicious dish you are enjoying next and thus look forward to every meal instead of stressing about it. It makes your life easier and brings more joy into your dining room. That is why we are super-excited to introduce you to our selection of the best UK meal delivery services. Out of all the services of this kind in the UK, only the 5 services featured on the list below have managed to blow us away with the quality of the service provided, the variety offered, the freshness and quality of the ingredients, and the reasonableness of the prices.

We bring you our ultimate list of the best UK meal delivery services. Take a look, take your pick, and enjoy the best meals you have had in a while.

Editors Choice
Cook Healthy & Tasty Meals With Ease

HelloFresh UK Review

abel and cole homepage

When we think organic, we think Abel & Cole. This is one of the greatest organic delivery services in the UK and it has been around for nearly 3 decades. The quality of its recipe boxes is admirably high. You get nothing but wonderfully fresh, all-natural ingredients and amazing recipes that perfectly suit your taste.

You can choose from 4 different types of recipe boxes. The Simple box brings you classic recipes with an exciting twist. The Foodie box allows you to cook rich, gourmet meals with ease and explore a variety of exotic flavors and cuisines. The Veggie box exclusively focuses on the gems of the vegetarian cuisine. The Light box allows you to enjoy quick-to-make meals characterized by delicate flavors and a low-calorie count, with no more than 500 calories per meal.

Every week, there are 12 new recipes on the menu. Each recipe is good for 2 people. You can order 1, 2 or 3 recipes per box and have your boxes delivered every 1, 2, 3, 4 or 8 weeks. If you are cooking for more than 2 people, you can order the same recipe up to 3 times and double or triple the amount of ingredients, so you can cook a delicious meal for up to 6 people.

The prices per recipe range from £12 to £14, so you pay £6 to £7 per serving. Shipping is not free of charge, but the shipping fee is only £1.25 per box. If you choose to subscribe to Abel & Cole, you have great gifts to look forward to. For example, you get a beautiful cookbook for free with your first delivery and the 4th box you order is free of charge.

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Great Variety At A Great Price

Gousto Review

Gousto homepage

Gousto is a superb choice for home cooks who like to have their meals planned out but want to be the ones in charge of the planning and also have plenty of options at their disposal. These recipe boxes allow you to decide how often you want to cook, how much food you need every week, and what kind of meals you want to bring to your table.

The service offers 2 types of boxes – 2-Person boxes that allow you to cook for 2 hungry adults and Family boxes that are suitable for 2 adults and 2 or 3 preteen children. Every week, there are 22 new recipes on the menu, including vegetarian, gluten-free, family-friendly recipes, and recipes for omnivorous foodies. The meals normally take 30-40 minutes to make.

You can decide whether you want to order 2, 3 or 4 recipes per week. If you want to invite some friends over for dinner, you can order the same recipe up to 3 times and triple the quantity of the ingredients. Furthermore, you get to order up to 7 boxes per week, which is great when you need more food and it is an option that you can rarely find in services of this kind. The price per serving starts at £4.37 with the 2-Person box and £2.98 with the Family box. Shipping is always free.

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Easy & Healthy Home-Cooking Solution

Mindful Chef Review

HelloFresh UK homepage

HelloFresh UK is a highly popular meal kit service, primarily because it offers quick and simple recipes, flexible subscriptions, and great ordering options. It is a service that adjusts to your needs and goes the extra mile to make you happy.

With HelloFresh UK, there are 3 meal kit types at your disposal. You can opt for the Classic box, which allows you to choose from 8 recipes every week and allows you to decide whether you want to order 3, 4 or 5 recipes for 2 people or 3 recipes for 3 or 4 people. Alternatively, you can go with the Family box, which allows you to choose from 6 kid-friendly recipes each week and lets you order 3 or 4 recipes for a family of 4. Finally, you can choose the Veggie box particularly designed for vegetarians, which brings you 3 delicious veggie recipes for 2 or 4 people every week. The price per serving starts at £4 with the Family box, £4.75 with the Veggie box, and £4.92 with the Classic box. Shipping is free on all orders.

Being a HelloFresh UK customer has plenty of perks. First of all, if you successfully refer a friend, both you and your friend get £25 off your next box. You also get to earn points by referring friends, ordering boxes, and collecting cooking badges you receive after you have ordered 2, 5 or more boxes. These points can be exchanged for beautiful cooking accessories available at the HelloFresh UK Rewards Shop. Of course, you also get to spread the love for good food with lovely gift cards.

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Gourmet Recipes & Top-Secret Spices

SimplyCook Review

SimplyCook homepage

When you take a look at the offers of all meal delivery services available in the UK, SimplyCook recipe boxes are sure to catch your eye. Why? Because they are genuinely different. First of all, they cost less because they do not bring you the fresh ingredients you can purchase yourself. They exclusively contain incredible, quick recipes and fragrant flavor blends that you cannot find anywhere else. You also get a handy shopping list with every recipe, with the exact quantities specified, so you can quickly purchase all the fresh ingredients you need at your favorite local store.

You can choose from 4 different recipe boxes. The Discovery box allows you to try out all the recipes available in the company’s rich cookbook. The Light box lets you choose from over 30 delicious recipes under 600 calories. With the Vegetarian box, you have two dozen amazing vegetarian recipes at your disposal. Finally, the Gluten-Free box lets you try out 40 unique recipes that are free from gluten.

There are more than 60 recipes on the menu and every one of them allows you to cook a restaurant-grade meal in no more than 20 minutes. The recipes call for only 4-6 ingredients. Every week, you can choose 4 recipes for 2-4 people.

The meals you cook and enjoy with SimplyCook are special, largely due to the incredible, complex flavor blends that contain up to 18 distinct ingredients. They range from culinary pastes, specialty stocks, rubs, and garnishes to infused oils and herb and spice blends of various sorts, all prepared by a professional chef. The price of every box is £9.99 and shipping is free nationwide.

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Organic, Delicious & Fun To Cook

Abel & Cole Review

Mindful Chef Homepage

Mindful Chef is one of the best choices for people with special dietary needs. For starters, all the ingredients and recipes this service delivers are completely free from gluten and dairy. Plus, half of the items on the weekly menus are vegan, so veggie lovers have plenty of choices every time they order. Every week, there are 8 delicious recipes you can choose from and you can order up to 5 recipes per box. You can decide whether you want to cook for 1, 2 or 4 people.

The price per portion ranges from £6 to £9 and it depends on the number of people you cook for (cook for more people and pay less per portion). Shipping is free on all orders, throughout the UK.

Mindful Chef is unique in more than one way. First of all, it is the only service of its kind in the UK that offers 1-person recipe boxes. It is also the only recipe box service that exclusively focuses on recipes that allow you to cook amazing meals in 30 minutes or less. Furthermore, it is the only 100% gluten-free and dairy-free recipe box service with completely vegan options in its offer.

You may be happy to hear that for every meal you order from Mindful Chef, the company donates one meal to the less fortunate. The meals are distributed through schools in the poorest areas of the world, mostly in Malawi and Zambia, and help little children in need grow up healthy and strong and motivate them to finish school and build a brighter future for themselves.

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We hope that you are satisfied with the top UK meal delivery services we chose for you. Making your final decision may not be easy, but we assure you that these services are the absolute best at the moment, so you cannot go wrong with any of them. Therefore, you should simply pick the one that best suits your taste and budget.

Still, if you are having a really hard time deciding and you could use some extra help, we are here to make it easier for you. Let us highlight the most important features of each service, so you could choose the one that best fits your needs.

Abel & Cole is a perfect choice if you want to eat organic and enjoy gourmet, light or vegetarian meals that you can cook with ease. It also offers highly flexible subscriptions and great perks, allowing you to get your 4th recipe box free of charge and bringing you a free cookbook with your first delivery.

Gousto boasts an incredibly rich menu with 22 new recipes every week, so there is very little chance for you not to find recipes you cannot wait to try out. Plus, it offers vegetarian, gluten-free, and family-friendly recipes and the prices are more than reasonable.

HelloFresh UK brings you quick, easy, and delicious recipes for omnivores, vegetarians, and families, all at moderate prices, with flexible subscriptions. It also offers great gifts within its referral and rewards programs, such as £25 discounts and cooking accessories to spruce up your kitchen.

SimplyCook brings you nearly 70 gluten-free, vegetarian, and light recipes to choose from and allows you to cook unbelievably tasty meals in only 20 minutes. It offers supreme-quality flavor blends crafted by a professional chef, so every meal you make tastes as good as the ones at fancy restaurants or even better. It does not deliver all the ingredients, which allows you to save money by getting your groceries at bargain prices.

Mindful Chef is great for people on gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan diets but also for omnivores who want to cook healthy, tasty meals in no more than 30 minutes. It is also the only service that offers recipe boxes for 1 person.

As you can see, although similar in some areas, our top choices still differ in more than one aspect and each one possesses unique features that make it suitable for particular customers. Gousto and SimplyCook offer the greatest variety. Gousto is a great choice for families and customers who want to have all the ingredients delivered for maximum convenience while SimplyCook is tailored to the needs of home cooks who want to cook incredible meals in as little time as possible and shop for the ingredients themselves. HelloFresh UK is a synonym for convenience and it offers incredible perks to its customers, along with good prices. Abel & Cole is perfect for home cooks who like their ingredients organic while Mindful Chef is the best choice for people who want to cook for 1, as well as for people on special diets.

Now that you know what kind of dietary and cooking preferences each meal delivery service on our list is best suited for, you can easily choose the one that is tailored to your needs. All that is left for you to do is prepare for the abundance of amazing flavors that await you, as well as a whole lot of cooking fun.

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