Best Meal Delivery Services For Vegans

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Being vegan was hard work once. Today, the scene has changed and more and more people are opting for this lifestyle. What does it mean to be vegan, anyway? Well, first of all, it means saying goodbye to all foods of animal origin. In addition to not eating meat, vegans also do not consume fish, seafood, eggs and dairy products. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty restrictive lifestyle, especially if you consider that many vegans also avoid fur and leather, as well as any product that may contain ingredients of animal origin.

Vegans today have more options than ever. There is fake meat made of plant-based ingredients, egg substitutes, dairy-free cheese, all sorts of milk made of nuts and grains, and so on. Despite of all this, it can still be hard to achieve and maintain a healthy yet delicious and diverse vegan diet. Sure, there are vegan restaurants, vegan food trucks and vegan takeout, but those are not exactly the cheapest options, plus you can’t eat out or order in day in and day out. That’s where these exquisite meal delivery services for vegans come in. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The Meal Delivery Services sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every Meal Delivery Service provider or Meal Delivery Service offer available. Close


Most of these meal delivery services are not strictly vegan, or even vegetarian (although some of them are), but all of them offer excellent, healthy and often ethical, cruelty-free vegan dishes that are both healthy and delicious. Some of them bring already cooked meals to your doorstep and some work by letting you cook your own meal, with their ingredients and condiments, sometimes even with their utensils, and, of course, with detailed instructions. The meals are, in most cases, created by certified chefs, vegan or otherwise, and they are carefully labeled so that you know exactly what you are getting – nutritional value, calorie count and all.

Meal delivery is an excellent option for vegans who simply do not have the time to do all the shopping, cooking and cleaning every single day. A vegan cannot simply go to a fast food drive-through on his way home from work when he doesn’t feel like cooking. Vegan fast food is still a budding concept and in some areas it borders with fiction. So, instead of going for some greasy French fries or a bland, boring sandwich, many vegans sign up for meal delivery services because these really do make their life at least a bit easier.

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Tasty vegan meals at a great price

Vegin’ Out Review


Vegin’ Out is a dream come true for vegans throughout the nation. Unlike with most meal delivery services currently out there, there is no need to browse through the menus, just to find out that only a handful of vegan dishes are offered. At Vegin’ Out, every dish in the menu is a completely vegan, with no eggs, dairy, meat, honey or calcium caseinate.  They use fresh, high-quality produce and around 85% of the ingredients in the meals are organic.

Every week, you can order a meal package that contains all 8 dishes they have selected for that week. You can also choose to exclude some of the menu items from your order and increase the amount of others.

If there is something Vegin’ Out should know while preparing the meals for you, make sure you let them know in the special requests box. You can tell them if you are on a gluten-free diet, if you are allergic to something, or if there are some ingredients in the meals that you would like to avoid, and they will prepare the dishes in absolute accordance with your requests. Vegin’ Out delivers to all US states except for Hawaii and Alaska.

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Healthy and tasty vegan meals

Veestro Review


Veestro is a meal delivery service created by Mark Fachler and his sister Monica Klausner. They are both very eager promoters of green cuisine and believe that the best possible food comes from the best possible ingredients. Since plants are the greatest food on earth, hand-picking each ingredient is the measure of quality that Veestro brings into all their meal programs.

Optimized for best possible flavor, all meals prepared by Veestro chefs are made from 100% organic, non-GMO produce. They don’t use preservatives, so you rest easy on that front as well. Fresh frozen right after it’s prepared, the food is good to eat up to 8 weeks if kept in the freezer, or 7 days if refrigerated.

Selecting the freshest produce from the farmers market and preparing the meals that are balanced for perfect flavor and nutritional value, makes Veestro one of the best meal delivery service for vegetarians and vegans alike. If you’re looking for a healthy weight loss program, or just enjoy the lovely taste of all things green, try out Veeestro’s vegan meals and start looking out for your health.

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Planet-friendly meal service

Home Chef Review

home chef homepage

Home Chef is a meal delivery service which has been rising in popularity recently, largely due to the quality of their ingredients and variety of their menu. When signing up, you get to state your taste preferences, which the system will then use to determine which recipes should be offered to you.

If you’re vegan, there’s no need to worry: their taste chart is so detailed, you’ll have no problem selecting the exact meals you want. The subscriptions are completely flexible, so you are free to skip weeks or cancel, whichever fits your schedule best. The ingredients are delivered to you in insulated boxes with cooling packs, specially designed to keep the food fresh even if it has to wait at your doorstep for several hours.

Home Chef takes pride in the quality and freshness of their ingredients, which you’ll receive pre-portioned, in the exact amounts you need for your recipes. This way you’ll be preserving the environment, unlike what happens when you buy groceries on your own and afterwards have to throw the leftovers away. You’ll also receive recipe cards with easy to follow instructions. Cooking won’t take more than 30 minutes, and you’ll feel like a pro chef in no time.

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Healthy eating made easy

Trifecta Nutrition


Trifecta Nutrition offers a great selection of meals free from animal produce and aims to satisfy the gastronomic needs and desires of all of their vegan customers. Their dishes are carefully designed and prepared by culinary experts and contain nothing but the finest and the freshest of organic veggies, grains, seeds, nuts and fruit.

No store-bought or processed foods are used in the preparation process. Whether you wish to have your meals planned out and cooked for you, or just wish to skip the cooking part and go straight to combining cooked food into a perfect meal seasoned to your taste, Trifecta has got you covered. Check out their vegan meal plans and bulk ordering page and familiarize yourself with the vast variety of options they have in store for you.

They deliver anywhere in the US, free of charge and allow you to stop using their services or skip a week of delivery whenever you wish, as long as you contact them one week prior to the planned delivery. If you are hungry for more information on healthy eating, you can enter your e-mail address on the Trifecta website and receive three complimentary e-books for your reading pleasure.

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If you are a vegan and you are considering subscribing for meal delivery, then any of these companies are a safe choice. First of all, they are reliable and trustworthy when it comes to the quality of their food and the delivery itself. Second, they all offer a wide variety of vegan options, whether we are talking about just a few dinners every now and then or several different meals, complete with snacks, and, in some cases, desserts and even shakes and smoothies. Third, they all allow you to customize your menu, which is important, because some people have other preferences in addition to vegan food as well – they may be allergic or intolerant, they may only eat organic and locally sourced food and so on.

How exactly does meal delivery work? Well, it depends on the company you choose, but there are two basic ways these companies do business. One option is to sign up for a service that does not deliver ready, cooked  meals, and instead allows you to enjoy the actual experience of preparing food for yourself and your loved ones, but in a very easy, fun and convenient way – they deliver little packets of inrgedients you need for a meal, all the spices and condiments, along with easy-to-follow cooking instructions and some tips and advices. These meals can get quite exotic and they usually involve ingredients you don’t normally buy at the grocery store, including some you probably didn’t even know existed, and that’s precisely what makes this form of meal delivery so fun and fulfilling. Another great thing about this is that it also helps you save money. We often buy way more food than we actually need, and a lot of it, sadly, spoils and wilts and goes to waste. This doesn’t happen with meal delivery, because you get exactly the amount of food you need for a specific meal. Finally, vegans who have run out of ideas will appreciate all the new recipes and exciting new cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients, and will definitely learn a thing or two about fine vegan dining.

The other option is to receive already cooked meals, usually frozen, or packaged in a way that preserves their freshness over an extended period. There is no need to explain why this is convenient. With most companies, you receive a box with several different meals, which usually cover several dinners, but they can also cover an extended period, especially if they are frozen. You simply stack them in your freezer or your pantry and take one out when you are ready to eat (you will need to reheat it first, of course).

Meal delivery services are also a great option for families. On some nights, you are simply too exhausted to cook, but your family still needs to eat healthy and to enjoy food that has all the necessary nutrients. This is especially important for vegans, because, since they do not eat meat, eggs or dairy, their diet is lacking a lot of essential nutrients, especially protein, and certain vitamins of the B group. They need to make up for this by carefully choosing foods can serve as a substitute source of those nutrients. Fortunately, most meal delivery services, especially the ones we mentioned in this article, usually employ various experts – dietitians and nutritionists, sometimes even physicians, who make sure their meals meet all the nutritional standards for vegans. That way, you can relax, enjoy your food, explore new flavors, aromas and textures, learn and thing or two, and be sure you and your family are getting exactly what you need.

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