Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services

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Meal delivery services, especially those with frozen-only meals on their menu, used to leave much to be desired in the past. The operative term being “in the past.” How many times have you ordered that dismal and colorless TV-dinner “doppelganger” out of pure healthy-living aspiration or ubiquitous lack of time to cook? Maybe you just despise grocery shopping or never took interest in the culinary arts! Whatever the reason may be, meal delivery services of today caught us off guard as proverbial liberators from those prior delivery services. We couldn’t really call those flat things MEALS, now could we? The silver lining, however, is the fact that meal delivery finally shaped up rather than shipped out. All that glitters is, of course, not gold, so many a company will be a complete letdown. Luckily, there are also some extraordinary diamonds in the rough to be found.

The gist of the matter is: deluxe cuisine brought to your doorstep via meal delivery services. Succulent, mouthwatering delicacies at your fingertips; bypassing tedious reservations, that stuck up, nose-in-the-air atmosphere, and most importantly, getting out of your home clothes in the first place. We researched a lot of companies in an effort to help you choose the best one for you. Our research bore fruit in the form of 5 meal delivery services worthy of the name. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The Meal Delivery Services sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every Meal Delivery Service provider or Meal Delivery Service offer available. Close


Before we get to the nitty-gritty, we’ll take a step back and talk about what it means to “flash freeze” food. What makes it different (or better) than “regular” freezing, except for the cool name? Flash freezing implies circulation of cold air, which is used to bring food down to extremely low temperatures. The method of “quick chill” prevents the loss of moisture by keeping the ice crystals as small as possible.

A list of foods you should never accept flash frozen includes cheese, eggs in shell, desserts rich in cream fillings, any liquid-based or soft dishes… Fresh fruits and vegetables CAN be flash frozen, but only after adequate preparations have been made (blanching or packing them in syrup, fruit juice or water).

An integral part of meal delivery services nowadays is their constant branching out from the initial design and “ought-to-be.” Besides appetizing servings, they also propose customized diet regimens, tailored to individual needs, fitness plans, and a plethora of reading materials aimed at healthier, care-free living. Almost every meal delivery web portal is an amalgamation of fine cooking, life-coaching, fitness and blogging about those three. These would be our top picks for the best frozen meals delivery services on the market.

Editors Choice
Meal plans for healthy weight loss

BistroMD Review

Bistro MD is a strange combo of a frozen meal delivery service and doctor’s office. Founded in 2005 by Caroline Cederquist M.D. at her weight loss clinic, today they feature more than 200 seasonal and signature entrees, all packed into neat weight loss regimens. Male and female diet plan differentiation is the first step, followed by program pick, depending on the wanted results. A gluten-free program is also made available.

They provide delivery of meals required for periods of 5 or 7 days and have a generous recurring program. The main thing that sets Bistro MD apart is the overwhelming support you’ll get as their registered member. You’ll have available their app for meal-mapping and calorie count. Plus, a fully customized diet plan made by a physician specializing in weight management and with more than 20 years of experience in her branch.

None of the meals provided by this delivery has added MSG or trans fats. The ingredients are prepared fresh and nothing is freeze dried. The real cherry on top of the whole story lies in the guarantee for their work. Ergo, they stake their professional reputation of 12 years on the fact that you’ll achieve your weight loss goals with their food.

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Tasty, Healthy, & Stress-Free

The Good Kitchen Review

The Good Kitchen homepage

The Good Kitchen provides delicious, ready-to-heat meals made of non-GMO, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients. Its meals are frozen fresh to lock in all the nutrients and flavors. This excellent service offers a variety of plans designed for both adults and children.

If you are ordering for adults, you can opt for the Couples plan, which brings you 10 meals per week, the Anti-Cook plan which includes 14 meals per week, the All In plan, with 21 meals per week, and the Your Way plan, which allows you to create your own custom plan. Meal plans for children include The Lil’ Sprout, with 7 meals per week, The Power Up, with 14 meals per week, The Big Boost, including 21 meals per week, and the Custom plan, which you can design yourself.

Apart from the convenient and customizable meal plans, The Good Kitchen’s offer includesthe Keep It Clean box that allows you to purchase 40 frozen meals at once, pay less, and always have tons of tasty food in your freezer.

The prices of Adult plans range between $130 and $231 per week, the Kids plans cost between $48.93 and $146.79, and the 40-meal Keep It Clean Box costs just $375, allowing you to save up to $3.60 per meal. The Good Kitchen delivers all over the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping is always free.

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Fresh and tasty weight loss program

Diet-to-Go Review

Diet-To-Go is a meal delivery service that offers custom solutions for people who want to drop pounds by eating healthily instead of starving. It offers professionally cooked meals designed to promote weight loss, flash-frozen to preserve all the nutrients. To help you choose the meal plan that perfectly suits your needs, Diet-To-Go allows you to get a free diet analysis, based on which it recommends the plan that represents the fastest and easiest way for you to reach your goal weight.

Diet-To-Go offer includes 3 meal plans: Balance, Balance-Diabetes, and Carb30. The Balance plan relies on calorie-control and optimally balanced meals with a carefully calculated content of fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Balance-Diabetes is a modified version of the Balance plan designed particularly for diabetics. Finally, Carb30 is designed for people who can lose weight most quickly by chucking carbs out of their diet.

Each plan comes in 3 forms: Original, with no restrictions, Vegetarian, and No Seafood. Regardless of which plan you choose, you can choose to get 2 (no breakfast) or 3 meals per day, 5 or 7 days per week. The price depends on the plan you choose and the customization options you select. However, 3 meals for each day of the week cost around $170 while 2 meals for 5 days a week cost around 130. It is important to note that you get a nice discount on your first order. Diet-To-Go flash-frozen meals are delivered throughout the mainland US.

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Gourmet meals for all tastes

Home Bistro Review

Home Bistro Homepage

Home Bistro meal delivery embodies olden culinary ways with a modern twist. With a slogan like “dinner frozen – not frozen dinner,” they sure have self-confidence to spare. The basis of their portfolio lies in the intricate structures and fine textures of Mediterranean delicacies. They offer an overabundance of high-quality ingredients; all locally sourced and natural. Chicken and beef come from certified farms, each following the natural feeding and handling protocols. The menu is seasonally inspired so there would never be any corners cut when it comes to freshness.

Their cuisine is low in sodium (800- mg per meal) and with clearly marked nutritional values. Every portion contains less than 700 ccl, which is an optimal intake per serving for a modern, high-functioning individual. They use the flash-freezing method we’ve discussed earlier moments after the food is properly prepared. The meal is delivered in an insulated box, which keeps it frozen the entire day. It takes less than 10 minutes from reheating ’till serving.

Home Bistro doesn’t have scheduled delivery times. You can order whenever you want and expect delicious dinners within 5-6 days. Your signature is not required, so you don’t even have to be home to receive the package. As we said, dry ice and insulated packaging will do the trick for the entire day.

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Healthy and tasty vegan meals

Veestro Review


Veestro is a vegan meal delivery service, dedicated to spreading top-quality plant-based cuisine; at least, so it says in their “Plantfesto.” They also provide semi cold-pressed half-blended juices in different “juice cleanse” packs. Their meals are both organic and natural since they’re prepared without GMO plants or preservatives of any kind. That’s why Veestro food has about 1 weeks’ worth of refrigerator life or 8 months in the freezer.

Once you peruse their site a bit, you’ll be faced with a la carte order possibility or you can choose one of their premade packs. We’re talking Starter pack, Protein power, Gluten-free, and 21-day kickstart. Their weight loss program features three different options, depending on the desired caloric intake. Every pack contains meals for two weeks and ships/bills automatically after that period (if you so choose, of course).

The packaging is 100 percent recyclable and it comes with a calculated amount of dry ice. Calculated to melt just as it reaches its destination. Every meal has a nutritional and ingredients chart, which makes life much easier if you can’t eat certain foods or have allergies. In that case, you can opt to exclude hazardous meals from your pack and replace them with something of your choosing.

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Let’s face it! Pretty much nobody has enough time to cook in this day and age. Regrettable as that may be to some, it’s the life we’ve built and enjoy for the most part. That doesn’t just magically erase our need for high-quality food, though. We still need a ton of nutrients in order to grow, think, function, and stay healthy. Shopping for groceries takes too much of our time and good luck with eating at a restaurant on a daily basis.

Modern (frozen) meal delivery services spotted what was falling through the cracks and gave us just what we needed when we needed it the most. As mentioned above, not all of them are picture perfect representatives of the business model, but there are many meal delivery services that simply make our lives so much easier. First of all, reputable meal delivery services use organic ingredients exclusively; naturally grown, without pesticides and other chemicals. Furthermore, during the cooking process or after, no preservatives are added whatsoever. This makes a stable foundation for one heck of a breakfast.

Frozen meal delivery services might sound terrifying at first, but freezing processes have advanced beyond our comprehension since the first baby steps of this business idea. We’ve already stated that freezing affects the overall taste and moisture of your delivered meals in absolutely ZERO ways. Most well-known frozen meal delivery services offer a wide array of delicacies, divided into different programs. So, whether you’re into losing a couple of pounds, giving a solid push to your sports activities or just living healthy, there is a program for you. Many of those programs are crafted by reputable medical doctors or fitness instructors and nutritionists.

You can become a registered member at your meal delivery of choice in order to gain some extra benefits. These include but are no way limited to a personal diet program, customized to fit the nutritional needs of your organism alone, access to a meal-planning /calorie-counting app (if there is one) that can do half the work for you, various loyalty discounts and gift options, and much, much more.

Especially handy is their recurring program. You can order a test package (the first one is usually discounted universally) and apply for a recurring regime if you like it. With a recurring subscription, you basically never have to think about food again. You can change the contents of the package yourself or simply give some general pointers and leave it to the chefs to diversify it.

Meal delivery services of the past are definitely done for. On the other hand, the sheer number of modern meal deliveries tells us they’re here to stay. We hope they’ll keep on improving and setting the highest of goals. So, let’s take a bite out of contemporary meal delivery and bon appetit!

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