Nutrisystem Menu

September 15, 2017

In the nearly 5 decades of its existence, Nutrisystem has helped millions lose weight, improve their health, and regain their self-confidence. Its nearly endless list of satisfied customers includes quite a few celebrities who have lost up to 50 pounds while on the program. According to a study that tested Nutrisystem’s effectiveness, the average weight loss during the first month was 11.6 lbs and 8 inches, which is rather impressive.

One of the reasons why people love the Nutrisystem program is because it does not force them to starve. Instead, this weight loss solution encourages you to eat 6 times a day and enjoy satisfying meals along with delicious, healthy snacks. The variety of meals on the Nutrisystem menu is incredibly vast, with more than 150 items at your disposal. Let us take a look at the menu and see what you get to enjoy if you opt for this program.

Nutrisystem Menu


The Nutrisystem menu includes around 30 breakfasts that are both light and surprisingly tasty. You can opt for cinnamon rolls and buns, all kinds of muffins and waffles, delicious pancakes, nutty bars and cereals, French toast, oatmeal, and gorgeous strawberry cheese crepes. Usually, the breakfasts contain fewer than 200 calories and they are high in protein and fiber that keep you feeling full.


In the lunch category, you can find more than 30 items, each containing fewer than 250 calories. You can enjoy hamburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, tuna salad, cheesy melts, pulled-style pork with sweet BBQ sauce, delicious bars to keep you full while on the go, comforting mac and cheese, soups, noodles, fajitas, veggie and rice, tortellini, and creamy beef Alfredo.


Nutrisystem Menu dinner

Dinners are extremely satisfying but still contain fewer than 300 calories. There are around 50 of them at your disposal. The selection is incredibly varied and includes pizzas, mac and cheese with sausage, all kinds of chicken dishes, hearty stews, pot pies, risottos, casseroles, pasta, enchiladas, chili, crepes, meatballs, and more.


Nutrisystem offers around 50 snacks that go up to 150 calories. Most of them are reinvented guilty pleasures that have been turned into healthy treats. Thus, you can munch on ice cream sandwiches, chocolate cupcakes and sundaes, various bars and cookies, pretzels and nuts, popcorn, brownies, tiramisu, chips, cheese puffs, and delicious pies.

Taking a look at each section of the Nutrisystem menu, we can conclude that this service makes dieting rather easy, considering the fact that you get to enjoy a variety of luxurious textures and flavors while losing weight at the same time.

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