My Experience With Meal Delivery Services

July 26, 2016

Even before I became part of the team here at Top 10 Meal Delivery Services, I had been using meal delivery services for quite a while. Over the last few years, I can honestly say that I have tried and tested pretty much all of the top meal delivery services (as well as a few pretty bad ones) and I have learned a lot. Today, I want to share with you a few things I have learned about these meals.

meal delivery experience

First of all, some meal delivery services are better than others. Not much of a surprise, right? The thing you would not believe is how big this difference can be. The best of them deliver the ingredients perfectly. Everything is fresh and packed in the right way to preserve the freshness of the foods. These people focus on the quality of their ingredients and their service.

Others, meal delivery services that didn’t make it to our site, aren’t that great. In fact, some of them are outright appalling, with withered ingredients that were never top quality, to begin with. It is especially daunting to receive a package of obviously low quality, mass produced ingredients when they advertised organic, locally sourced foods.

I have also learned that some services boast better recipes than others. This is a perfectly understandable thing. If all restaurants featured the same dishes, the world would be a boring place. The same is true for meal delivery services. Some of them have great cooks or even chefs who come up with the meals. I also want to point out that some truly great recipes are simply not suitable for this kind of service and the smartest-run services will avoid them altogether.

online meal deliveryAnother thing I have learned is that the prepared meals will very, very, very rarely look exactly the same as they look in the photo on the meal service’s website. They use all kinds of filters and special cameras to make their dishes look absolutely gorgeous. That being said, this does not mean the meals are not delicious. They are just not that perfect.

After a while, I have also learned that the recipes are modified so as to appeal to as many people as possible. I, for example, like my food a bit saltier than the next person, so I often find myself having to modify the recipes. Some people may like their meals less salty or spicy. One needs to learn how to make small adjustments without ruining the recipe as a whole.

Eventually, I have learned that I actually enjoy cooking. I was completely hopeless before I started using these services. I didn’t know how to boil an egg. Slowly but steadily, I learned to chop, slice, dice, boil, roast and do everything else cooking-wise. These days, I like to consider myself something of a cooking aficionado.

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