Munchery Drastically Expands Its Delivery Area

April 13, 2018

Munchery meal delivery is a perfect home dining solution for the whole family. It offers gorgeous entrées, sides, and desserts for grown-ups and healthy, fun-to-eat meals for the little ones. It prepares its meals using only the highest-quality, natural, and organic ingredients. At any time, you can choose from dozens of healthy options, including gluten-free, Paleo-friendly, vegetarian, and vegan dishes and try out some of the finest dishes originating from around 30 world cuisines. Not only that, but you can pick up some premium-quality groceries or drinks on your way to the checkout.

munchery delivery

Until now, the only downside of Munchery was its limited delivery area. However, the folks behind this top-rated meal delivery service for families have been investing great efforts into making their meals available to hungry home diners around the country and their hard work is finally paying off.

Delivering Deliciousness Across The US

Prior to the expansion announced on April 10, 2018, Munchery delivered its ready-made meals to only around 1,000 cities in 15 states across the country. Customers from other parts of the US could order its 15-minute meal kits. Now, the service has quintupled the number of cities where its delicious meals are delivered.

Instead of just 1,000 cities, mostly located in the west of the country, Munchery’s delivery map now includes more than 5,000 cities, from coast to coast. That means that its delivery area currently covers more than 40 million households. If you are one of the Munchery meal kit fans who has been waiting for a chance to try out its fully-prepared meals, be sure to stop by the company’s official site and check if your zip code is now on the Munchery map.

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