Marley Spoon Recipes

October 8, 2016

For everyone who has been wondering what it is that makes Marley Spoon recipes so special, here is the answer. First of all, it has nothing to do with secret ingredients, complex techniques, and complicated procedures. It is not just about the careful selection of the ingredients. It is not only the innovativeness of Martha Stewart’s meal ideas, nor is it just about how simple it is to prepare the meals. It is all of the above – and more. Let us take a look at all the perks of cooking with Marley Spoon and take a tour of the wonderfully colorful and flavorful world of Marley Spoon recipes.

marley spoon cooking with martha

Marley Spoon Recipe Selection

Marley Spoon meal kit service offers 10 new recipes every week. The weekly selection includes omnivore, vegetarian, low-calorie, kid-friendly, allergy-friendly, one-pot, and quick recipes. All recipes on the menu are dinner ideas.

Marley Spoon Recipes For Omnivores

Most of Marley Spoon recipes are suitable for omnivores. Out of 10 recipes on the weekly menu, 6 are omnivore meal ideas that feature red meat, poultry, fish, and seafood, as well as plenty of veggies and healthy grains.

The recipes are inspired by cuisines around the world, including Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Israeli, traditional American, and many others. You can expect all kinds of reinvented classics, like pasta, pizzas, gourmet chili dogs, juicy steaks, quinoa salads, shrimp chowder, and grilled chicken.

Marley Spoon Recipes For Vegetarians

Marley Spoon recipes for vegetarians make up nearly half of the weekly menu. There are always 4 delicious veggie dinner ideas, colorful, healthy, and quick and easy to make. Just like with Marley Spoon recipes for omnivores, you can expect comforting noodles and pasta of all sorts, yummy pizzas, healthy salads, and other veggie wonders.

Marley Spoon’s Low-Calorie Recipes

Usually, there are 2 to 4 Marley Spoon recipes that are low in calories. By low in calories, Marley Spoon means no more than 600 calories per serving. These are mostly omnivore recipes focusing on steaks and chicken, with plenty of veggies.

Allergy-Friendly Marley Spoon Recipes

Unfortunately, the Marley Spoon menu does not feature allergy-friendly recipes every week. Usually, there are 1 or 2 recipes that are free from gluten, dairy or nuts, but you cannot count on having a full allergen-free delivery every week.

Kid-Friendly Marley Spoon Recipes

These are Marley Spoon recipes that are particularly designed with the needs and tastes of children in mind. However, do not expect to find just pizzas and burgers. Marley Spoon knows how to create a healthy meal your kids will love, so you can find all kinds colorful and nutritious kid-friendly meals on the menu, like crispy coconut shrimp with equally crispy salad, grilled chicken with asparagus and potato salad, and delicious shrimp chowder with carefully hidden spinach and tasty corn and potatoes.

These recipes are designed to introduce children to new flavors and give them all the nutrients they need growing up. On average, there are 4-6 kid-friendly meals on the menu per week.

Marley Spoon’s One-Pot Recipes

Cleanup can be a real hassle, especially if you are cooking for the whole family. That is why Marley Spoon recipes include one-pot wonders that allow you to say goodbye to lengthy cleanup and cook an amazing meal in a single pot. Usually, there is 1 one-pot recipe per week. One-pot recipes are usually kid-friendly.

Marley Spoon Recipes Under 30 Minutes

Finally, these Marley Spoon recipes are ready in under 30 minutes and hands-on time is rarely longer than 10 minutes. The great news is that nearly all recipes on the menu belong to this category.

Cooking With Martha

If you’ve always wanted to cook like Martha Stewart but never dared to try, it is time to conquer your fears and get your pans, pots, and spatulas ready. The recipes featured on the Marley Spoon menu are 100% Martha and also 100% fail-proof. Now you can turn Martha’s genius culinary ideas into mouthwatering reality on your table up to 4 days a week, in little time and with not much money.

Lucky Number Six

Recipe instructions are often rather confusing and more often than not, you may feel like there is something missing, something the author of the recipe isn’t telling you. Sometimes it even seems like the author is trying to confuse you on purpose, with 15 vague steps for something as simple as frying an egg. With Marley Spoon recipes, this is definitely not the case. No matter how complex the dish may seem, there are only 6 easy steps everyone can follow, regardless of skills and experience. There are no steps left out, everything is explained in simple terms, complete with pretty photos for each step. You get full lists of ingredients in your kit, ingredients you need to have in your pantry, and kitchen tools and utensils you need to have at hand. Everything is covered, from the moment you open the box to dicing, chopping, mixing, cooking, and garnishing.

Know What You Eat

marley spoon recipesA healthy diet is all about providing your body with the right amount of valuable nutrients. By picking the best, freshest seasonal ingredients, Marley Spoon makes sure that all the produce and meat you receive is unbelievably nutritious. What is more, it provides you with all the important nutrition facts and allergen info, so you can plan out your meals and know which dishes to pick and which to avoid.

All Marley Spoon recipes are nutritionally balanced, with the right proportions of macronutrients. The average calorie count is between 650 and 900 calories per serving, which is a bit higher than average. However, Marley Spoon also offers recipes under 600 calories for those who enjoy lighter meals. The portions are rather generous, although you shouldn’t count on leftovers.

No Bad Surprises

When you order ingredients and recipes from a food delivery service, you expect to receive every single ingredient necessary to prepare the meals you chose from the menu. However, this is usually not the case. Most companies of this kind expect you to have oil, salt, sugar, butter, milk, flour, and other basic ingredients, not to mention pots and pans and the standard kitchen gear. This can come as a rather unpleasant surprise, as you may find yourself lacking everything you need at moments when your hunger is just about to peak. Luckily, Marley Spoon provides you with detailed information on what you are expected to possess. The information about the required basic ingredients and gear is also delivered together with your order.


Obviously, Marley Spoon recipes are among the best around and they are praised by home cooks all around the world. There are delicious meal ideas for omnivores and vegetarians alike, most of the dishes on the menu are ready in under 30 minutes, there are plenty of recipes that are kid-friendly, some of them are allergy-friendly, and once or twice a week, you get to prepare a great meal in a single pot.

We love the detailed instructions that guarantee excellent results and the fact that all the recipes are healthy, nutritious, well-balanced, and handcrafted by the amazing Martha Stewart. If you have not tried them by now, we warmly suggest you consider adding Marley Spoon recipes to your cookbook.

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