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UPDATED Jun. 2019
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Good wine can be rather pricey and surprisingly difficult to find. If you are looking for an easy way to get premium-quality, hard-to-come-by wines at a good price, wine clubs are a perfect solution. Browse our selection of the top 5 wine clubs and find the one that best fits your taste and budget.

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Winc is a wine club that brings high-quality wines at affordable prices right to your doorstep. Enjoy red, white or sparkling wines from all over the world, chosen to meet your specific needs.
  • Incredible variety of all sorts of wines for wine enthusiasts
  • Excellent blogs to help you broaden your knowledge of wines
  • Membership flexibility; order as many bottles as you want
Gold Medal Wine Club
Gold Medal Wine Club has been offering only the rarest wines of the highest quality for nearly 25+ years. They have an amazing selection of California and world wines, as well as great gift sets.
  • Every member of the club gets 40% off winery retail prices
  • Numerous varietals of both red and white wines in the offer
  • Only the most highly rated, hard-to-find, medal-winning wines
Wine Of The Month Club
Wine of the Month Club brings the finest hand-picked wines to your doorstep. A team of experts tastes about 400 wines a month and makes sure you receive only the best vintages.
  • Great variety of the best wines from all over the world
  • Limited edition vintages that aren't available elsewhere
  • Excellent assortment of gifts you can send to wine lovers
Uncorked Ventures
Uncorked Ventures provides their customers with a great selection of wines made in California, Oregon, and Washington. You can now drink the best domestic wines at an affordable price.
  • First-class domestic wines for all real wine enthusiasts
  • Comprehensive newsletters and blogs for wine education
  • Limited edition vintages from small production lots
California Wine Club
California Wine Club focuses on bringing you the most exquisite artisan wines from California and all over the world. Browse the offers of its 6 wine clubs and discover your new favorites.
  • Get a replacement or refund if you dislike what you receive
  • Numerous incredible perks for every member of the club
  • Get 50% off the usual retail prices on your wine reorders

Best Wine Club Companies

What all of our top picks have in common is that they are currently the best on the market. Now it is time to discover what makes each of these wine clubs unique. Explore their distinctive features in the mini-reviews below and choose the one that best satisfies your wine-sipping preferences and needs.

1. Winc

winc homepage

Whether you like ruby reds, elegant whites, rosés or sparkling wines, Winc has something just right for you in its cellar. Every delivery you get from this extraordinary wine club is tailored to your unique taste and based on the preferences you state in a short and fun quiz you take once you become a member. Winc’s fine wines mostly originate from California, but you can also try some of the best wines from around the globe.

2. Gold Medal Wine Club

gold medal wine homepage

Gold Medal Wine Club has one of the most impressive selections of rare wines we have ever seen. By opting for one of its 6 wine clubs, you get to enjoy the delicate and powerful flavors and textures of the finest Pinot Noirs, top-quality champagnes, unique, hand-crafted wines from independent wineries, and exclusive, award-winning wines from the best wineries in California and the world.

3. Wine Of The Month Club

Wine of the Month Home Page

Wine Of The Month Club has been delivering exquisite wines all over America for nearly 5 decades. With 5 distinct wine clubs for different tastes, a gorgeous assortment of vintages, and delectable reds and whites from the most famous wine regions in America and around the world, Wine Of The Month Club has done its best to satisfy even the most sophisticated of palates. The prices are low but the quality is sky-high.

4. Uncorked Ventures

Uncorked Ventures homepage

Uncorked Ventures is a wine club that lets you explore the glorious flavors of the finest West Coast wines. You can choose from 3 different wine clubs, mostly focusing on vintages and rare wines. The deliveries may include reds, whites or both, depending on your preferences. If you have friends who love wine as much as you do, you can treat them to one of the beautiful Uncorked Ventures gift baskets.

5. California Wine Club

California Wine Club

California Wine Club knows that the best wine is made in small batches with a lot of love and care. That is why it focuses on small, artisanal wineries that truly care about what they do. With 5 wine club levels to choose from, you can enjoy everything from the best international wines to the finest aged Cabernets. Most wines you get from California Wine Club cannot be found anywhere else, except the wineries themselves.

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