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UPDATED Jun. 2019
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Cooking for the whole family is a joy, provided that everyone leaves the table happy. To help you achieve this ambitious goal, we have gathered a list of amazing meal kit services that provide crowd-pleasing recipes along with the finest, most nutritious ingredients available. Get ready to discover America’s best meal kits for families.

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Sun Basket
Sun Basket is an organic meal kit delivery that offers meal plans for both omnivorous and vegetarian families. Choose from 6 kid-friendly recipes every week and cook tasty meals in 20-40 minutes.
  • Cook with pre-portioned organic ingredients fresh from the farm
  • Quick and simple recipes approved by the in-house nutritionist
  • Useful tips on how to cook with kids; 100% satisfaction guarantee
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Home Chef
Home Chef is a healthy meal kit service that caters for both small and large families. Choose 2-6 out of over a dozen meal ideas every week and get 2, 4 or 6 satisfying portions per meal.
  • High-quality ingredients primarily sourced from local farms
  • Omnivore, vegetarian, and allergen-free recipes for families
  • Competitive pricing; free shipping on orders worth $45 or more
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With Plated, you can choose from 20 dinner recipes per week and cook mouthwatering meals for a family of 2, 3 or 4. Superior flavor is guaranteed with hard-to-come-by artisan ingredients.
  • Natural, seasonal produce and sustainably sourced proteins
  • Quick-to-make, family-friendly dinners and lovely desserts
  • Discounts for new customers; free shipping on $60+ orders
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Blue Apron
Blue Apron is here to make family cooking fun with 5 tasty, kid-friendly recipes on the menu every week. Opt for its 4-person meal plan and enjoy healthy meals ready in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Fresh, sustainable ingredients; carefully portioned family meals
  • Optimally balanced recipes rich in healthy proteins and veggies
  • Affordable prices; freshness guarantee; available nationwide
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HelloFresh offers a dedicated meal plan for families of 4 that lets you choose from 9 delicious options every week. Its recipes require minimum prep and they are usually ready in 30 minutes.
  • Farm-sourced produce and domestically sourced meats
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free family dinners
  • Get 2 or 3 meal kits per week for less than $8 per serving
Meal Kits
Purple Carrot
Purple Carrot is a vegan meal kit delivery that lets you cook 2 delicious dinners per week for a family of 6. Its family-friendly recipes are healthy, creative, and surprisingly quick to make.
  • Nutritious plant-based meals ready in about half an hour
  • Gluten-free options; 5-minute breakfast and lunch add-ons
  • Ships throughout the mainland US; shipping is always free
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Green Chef
If you prefer certified organic food, Green Chef is the way to go. This popular service exclusively provides organic ingredients and offers 2 meal plans particularly designed for families.
  • Delicious recipes for carnivorous and omnivorous families
  • Easy and speedy cooking with semi-prepped ingredients
  • Highly flexible subscriptions; rather reasonable pricing
Meal Kits
Marley Spoon
Marley Spoon and Martha Stewart bring you 10 irresistible kid-friendly recipes to try out every week. Follow 6 simple steps and get a nutritious and scrumptious meal on the table in no time.
  • Sustainable, farm-to-table ingredient sourcing method
  • Omnivore and vegetarian recipes suitable for picky eaters
  • Good value for money; enjoy free shipping on every order
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Terra's Kitchen
Terra’s Kitchen offers healthy, Mediterranean-inspired recipes perfect for families of 3 and 4. Its menu includes options for a variety of special diets and its meals are ready in 15-30 minutes.
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients pre-chopped for speedy prep
  • Numerous family dinner recipes and ready-to-eat add-ons
  • Free shipping on the first order and subsequent $100+ orders
Meal Kits
With Gobble, you can make a delightful dinner for the whole family in only 10-15 minutes, using just 1 pan. Choose from a wide variety of kid-friendly recipes for meat, seafood, and veggie lovers.
  • Fresh and sustainable ingredients sourced from local farms
  • Minimized hands-on time and cleanup with prepped ingredients
  • Available all over the contiguous US; 7-day money-back policy
Meal Kits

Best Meal Kit Services For Families

It is time for the most exciting part of our guide to choosing the best meal kits for families. To help you make your choice, we have summed up all the key info about our top picks in informative mini-reviews that take mere minutes to read.  Discover the unique advantages of the services featured on our list and pick the one that perfectly meets your expectations.

1. Sun Basket

sun basket box delivered

With Sun Basket, you can enjoy cooking with pre-measured organic ingredients and easily prepare healthier versions of all-time classics that both kids and adults love. You can choose between the Chef’s Choice and Vegetarian meal plans and cook 2, 3 or 4 meals a week. The Family menu features 6 delicious dinner ideas every week, each one of them perfect for a family of 4. All orders come with a satisfaction guarantee.

2. Home Chef

Home Chef Box At the Door

Home Chef offers over a dozen delicious dinner recipes every week. All the meal ideas are designed for families of 2, 4, and 6. Its menu is enriched with healthy lunches that take just 5 minutes to prepare, as well as fruit-filled add-ons that little ones are sure to enjoy. You can order anywhere between 2 and 6 recipes per week and choose between omnivore, vegetarian, low-calorie, and low-carb dishes.

3. Plated

homepage plated

Plated is a healthy meal kit service for families that never fails to impress. Every week, it comes up with 20 gorgeous dinner ideas and 2 lovely dessert recipes. You can choose to receive 2, 3 or 4 recipes per week and cook for 2-4 people. The selection of recipes is highly diverse and includes at least 8 family-friendly recipes. You can opt for meat, seafood, veggie, low-calorie, low-carb, and no-gluten options.

4. Blue Apron

homepage blue apron

Blue Apron is one of the oldest meal kit services on the market. Throughout the years, it has remained one of the top choices for families due to its invariably high ingredient quality and amazing recipe variety. Its weekly menu features 5 tasty recipes for families of 4 and you can choose any 2, 3 or 4 that suit your loved one’s preferences. The company’s pricing is rather affordable and all family orders come with free shipping.

5. HelloFresh

HelloFresh homepage

HelloFresh aims to make family cooking fun with 9 freshly designed kid-friendly dinners on the menu every week. Its recipes are suitable for veggie, seafood, and meat lovers alike and guarantee cooking success regardless of your culinary experience. Its Family meal plan is particularly designed for families of 4 and brings you 2 or 3 meal kits of your choice per week. Created with busy parents in mind, HelloFresh’s family kits allow you to get a mouthwatering dinner on the table in just about half an hour.

6. Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot Homepage

Purple Carrot is a family-friendly vegan service that offers an excellent meal plan for families of 6. Every week, you get to cook 2 nutritious plant-based meals that can be ready in about 30 minutes. The company’s family meals are rich in nutrients and they are usually high in protein, which makes them perfectly satisfying. Depending on your needs, you can enrich your weekly orders with 1 extra breakfast or lunch that takes just 5 minutes to prepare.

7. Green Chef

homepage Green Chef

As the first certified organic and gluten-free meal kit service in America, Green Chef is a premium choice for families that want to eat healthily. Its Family meal plan is designed for carnivores and omnivores and brings you 2 picky-eater-approved recipes per week. Green Chef’s family recipes are always delicious, flamboyant, and well-balanced and they are designed to satisfy the appetites of a family of 4.

8. Marley Spoon

Homepage Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon is a meal kit service that invests extra effort into creating recipes the whole family is sure to enjoy. Out of 20 delightful Martha Stewart recipes on its weekly menu, as many as 10 are kid-friendly. The service allows you to quickly cook a delicious dinner for a family of 4. Your weekly deliveries include 2, 3 or 4 recipes that you like the most. Marley Spoon meals usually take no more than 30 minutes to prepare and they are as healthy as they are tasty.

9. Terra’s Kitchen

Terra’s Kitchen Homepage

If you have no more than 15 minutes to spend in the kitchen, Terra’s Kitchen was made for you. This service provides fresh and natural ingredients that are pre-prepped to make cooking faster and easier. Its recipes are suitable for families of 3 and 4 and include a variety of vegetarian, meaty, and seafood delights. The service offers a variety of options for special diets as well as ready-made add-ons to complement your home-cooked meals.

10. Gobble

homepage Gobble

Gobble is a meal kit service that understands the needs of busy parents. Its meal kits include healthy ingredients that are measured, chopped, sliced, and trimmed by a team of pro chefs. That means that your family dinners can be ready in only 10 to 15 minutes. Every week, you can choose from 2 dozen beautiful recipes focusing on veg, meat, and seafood. You can choose any 3 family-friendly recipes that suit your needs and taste and effortlessly cook soul-warming dinners for 4 people.


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