Keto Delivered Cost

December 6, 2016

The ketogenic diet sure seems to be working for stars like Mick Jagger and Kim Kardashian, but once you go keto, you realize that so many kinds of food you used to eat every day are big no-nos in the keto world. You cannot eat potatoes, legumes, beans, wheat, fruit, and a variety of other items that are used in the majority of recipes in your cookbook and the cookbooks of most people around the world. That means that you need to discover new products that are keto-friendly and one of the easiest ways to do so is to sign up for Keto Delivered. If you are wondering how much Keto Delivered costs and what you get for your money, here are all the details regarding the prices of this company’s keto boxes.

Keto Delivered Cost

Keto Delivered Subscription

This service offers a monthly subscription that is automatically renewed. You are billed every month on the day you started your subscription. The price per monthly delivery is $39.99. A single delivery contains 5-10 hand-picked artisan food items ranging from spices and condiments to snacks and beverages. All items are keto-friendly and the content of the boxes is a surprise.

There is no need to worry about the shipping costs since delivery is always free.

Keto Delivered Gift Subscriptions

If you decide to buy a Keto Delivered subscription as a gift, you have several options at your disposal and you get great discounts if you opt for a longer subscription.

The one-month gift subscription costs $45.00. The 3-month gift subscription is $39.99 per box. The 6-month subscription costs $37.99 per box while the 12-month gift subscription comes at the price of $36.99 / box.

Keto Delivered Gift Subscriptions

If you do not want to choose the duration of your gift subscription immediately, you can purchase the monthly gift subscription that functions the same way as the regular subscription – it is automatically renewed, billed monthly, and can be ended at any time. The price is $39.99 per box/month.

We would like to emphasize that the price you pay with your Keto Delivered subscription is always lower than the retail value of the items you receive. Therefore, you do not only get to discover high-quality products that are perfectly suitable for your new diet, but you also get to save cash with every delivery, as the retail value of all Keto Delivered boxes is greater than $40.

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