How To Cancel Hungryroot

July 17, 2019

Not your traditional meal delivery, Hungryroot provides both ready-to-eat meals and ready-to-cook components that you can use to prepare your own dishes. This innovative business approach gives Hungryroot customers great flexibility when it comes to choosing what goes in their meal plans (you can read more about the service in our Hungryroot review). However, this is not the only aspect of the service that is flexible – with Hungryroot, you can make changes to your subscription whenever you wish. In this post, we will go over all the steps you need to make to edit, skip or cancel your Hungryroot subscription.

Hungryroot box with ingredients

Customizing Your Hungryroot Delivery

With Hungryroot, you can easily customize your deliveries. Here is how:

  • Go to your ‘Customize Page’.
  • Select ‘Clear Items’ and then ‘Continue’ to empty your box. Alternatively, if you just want to remove a couple of products, click the – next to them.
  • To add products or combinations, simply click the + next to them.
  • When the red bar at the bottom of the page reaches 100%, just click on it to save your changes.

In order for your changes to apply to your next delivery, you must modify your box before 3 PM EST the Wednesday before it is shipped.

Skipping A Delivery

To skip your delivery from Hungryroot, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘My Hungryroot’ and scroll down to your next delivery;
  2. Now click ‘Edit Delivery’;
  3. Click ‘Manage Calendar’;
  4. Select the filled circle to skip your delivery;

It is possible to skip from one to four deliveries. After you click on ‘Manage Calendar’, select the scheduled dates you want to skip and click ‘Save’.

hungryroot box delivered

Canceling Your Hungryroot Subscription

Here is what you should do to cancel your Hungryroot subscription:

  1. Go to ‘Account’ and click ‘Settings’;
  2. Scroll to ‘Account Details’;
  3. Click ‘Edit’ to the right of the ‘Account Details’ section;
  4. Select ‘Cancel Account’;
  5. On the ‘Hold Menu’, click ‘Continue to Cancel’;
  6. Select a ‘Cancel Reason’ and then click ‘Continue’;
  7. Click the ‘Cancel your Bundle’ button.

You can also cancel your account by sending an email to the Hungryroot support team at

A Better Meal Delivery Service Experience

If you’re looking for a Meal Delivery Service that will not disappoint you, we recommend you check out Home Chef. With 200 million meals served, it’s probably the best company on the market. You can read our comprehensive review of Home Chef to learn more or just check out their site.

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with a particular Hungryroot product, you should send an email to Refunds are granted on a case-by-case basis within 30 days of your delivery date. It usually takes between 10 to 15 business days to complete the refund process.

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