Home Chef Delivery

December 20, 2016

Home Chef will turn even the most inexperienced of cooks into veritable gourmet chefs in the comfort of their own kitchen. Their generous assortment of fresh ingredients, combined with exquisite, easy-to-follow recipes and instructions, will have you mastering that mushroom risotto before you know it.

One of the biggest concerns with every meal delivery service is just that, delivery. You need to know that your ingredients will arrive fresh, well protected, and clearly labeled. As far as the packaging goes, it needs to be structurally sound for travel and composed of non-hazardous materials.

With all that in mind, we’ll dig deeper and uncover the specific details regarding the overall quality of Home Chef delivery.

Home Chef Delivery

The Cost Of Home Chef Delivery

Home Chef is a rather budget-friendly option, to begin with, and shipping costs follow that principle as well. Orders over 45$ come absolutely free of charge. This sets the free delivery “threshold” to 5 meals and more. If we take Home Chef coupons (30$ off your first order) and referral links into account, you can get your weeks’ worth of high-quality food for much less than that. Shipping for orders worth less than 45$ is charged 10$.

Packaging & Ingredients

Home Chef Packaging

After setting your desired arrival date, Home Chef will always deliver your packages right on time. Having said that, we are highly interested in analyzing the contents and the packaging itself.

Home Chef uses a lot of insulation in their delivery boxes, making sure the food stays perfectly fresh until it reaches your doorstep. The corrugated boxes are biodegradable and filled with cool gel packs in order to keep your food well refrigerated but never frozen. The insulation itself is made of recycled cotton-enhanced textile fibers. Needless to say, your ingredients will arrive fresh, perfectly refrigerated (even on higher temperatures), and ready for cooking. Once you receive your box, it’ll definitely look like a lot of plastic packaging went into it, potentially turning into a lot of waste. It’s all completely recyclable, however, as Home Chef is a very environmentally conscious company. The box, cooling packs, plastic containers, and even recipe cards can either be reused or recycled at your leisure. The liquid within the packs is eco-compatible and non-toxic, so it can be safely drained.

As far as the ingredients are concerned, they’re all packed into separate bags, corresponding to different recipes, which is extremely helpful at times. Note that the labeling is not perfect so you’ll sometimes have to consult the instructions in order to identify certain ingredients if you’re not already familiar with them. There have been several reports of ingredients missing, but Home Chef always made up those failures by adding credit to the accounts of those individuals.

Additional Information

Home Chef currently covers 98% of the United States, but if you want to be sure that they deliver to your city, you can simply enter your zip code on their “How It Works” page and find out immediately.

General delivery days are Tuesday through Friday, but they may vary depending on your location within the US. Once you establish the delivery window for your area, you can pick any day that suits you the most.

You can update your delivery address and date at any moment. The address is set through “Contact Information” within your Home Chef account and you can change the delivery date by clicking on it on your personal dashboard. Note that you can’t change the date of your first order yourself, but the Home Chef staff can always do it for you if the need arises.

If you’re not home at your specified delivery time, the driver will leave the package at your door. The food, being perfectly insulated, will stay fresh until you come back.

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