HelloFresh May Start Offering Ready-Made Meals Online

July 11, 2018

In June 2018, the fast-growing German meal kit company HelloFresh announced that it would start selling its meal kits in stores, including Stop & Shop and Giant Food. In accordance with this decision, the company increased the number of facilities it operates from 5 to 11. Now, it seems that HelloFresh has even greater expansion plans, expressing interest in tapping into the large market of ready-made meals.

HelloFresh Online

Room For Expansion

Keeping in mind the popularity of HelloFresh meal kits, there is no doubt that this company has managed to make home cooking more appealing even to those who prefer not to spend much time in the kitchen. However, according to an interview that the company’s co-founder Thomas Griesel gave to a German newspaper, it seems that HelloFresh may be interested in offering even easier solutions for home dining.

According to Griesel’s words, the quality and freshness of ready-made meals currently available is rather questionable. Thus, considering HelloFresh’s dedication to freshness and sustainability, a venture into the ready-made meals market may be an interesting option for the popular German company and good news for the customers.

HelloFresh Meals For Non-Cooks

At the moment, HelloFresh offers ready-made meals and snacks in vending machines in corporate offices in Berlin and plans on expanding this service nationwide. Since HelloFresh offers its services in multiple countries on 3 continents, it is reasonable to assume that with adequate consumer interest, it will not just settle for offering ready-made meals in vending machines across Germany.

If everything goes well and HelloFresh starts offering ready-made meals in countries in which it operates, including the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Austria, Canada, and Switzerland, it will not be in direct competition with companies that sell frozen dinners in supermarkets. Instead, it will sell its pre-made meals online, allowing its customers to stock up on delicious, ready-to-eat dishes in just a couple of clicks.

We have to say that we like this idea, which is why we will be paying close attention to the company’s future moves and announcements, hoping that we will soon have some exciting news to report.

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