HelloFresh Launches 20-Minute Meals

September 7, 2017

Just when we think that HelloFresh cannot possibly get any better, this service does something to make us fall in love with it all over again. After introducing its own wine club, further improving its Family plan, and hosting exciting food-and-drink events, it has now given its loyal customers something new to be happy about – amazingly delicious meals that take no more than 20 minutes to make!

HelloFresh Launches 20-Minute Meals

Even Easier And Quicker

HelloFresh has figured out a way to save time on every part of the preparation and cooking processes. The instructions are as simple as it gets, you get your veggies pre-chopped, and more often than not, you can cook everything in a single pan. The selection of cooking methods is limited to only the ones that require the least time, so there is a lot of pan searing and no quiet, lengthy simmering and hours-long broiling, as slow cooking and weeknights do not really mesh well.

Zero Fuss & All The Flavor

If you are wondering what you can cook in just 20 minutes, here is the answer – nothing short of a glorious dish fit for a king. For example, you can blitz-sear a juicy steak with some deliciously sweet nectarines and serve the flavorful meat and fruit with a refreshing, crunchy combination of spring mix, pecans, and feta cheese. Sounds amazing? It sure does and it is just one of the quick-to-make, palate-pleasing delights that HelloFresh has in store for you. While minimizing preparation, cooking time, and clean-up, this service maximizes the flavor, with recipes calling for only a couple of high-quality ingredients that provide a whole lot of valuable nutrients in every bite.

When Will These Speedy Wonders Be Available?

As a matter of fact, they are available already! The first 20-minute HelloFresh recipe was added to HelloFresh menu on the 4th of September, 2017 and you can get it as soon as your next delivery day. We know that you are anxious to give this week’s choice a look, so we will not stand in your way. Happy cooking!

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