HelloFresh Gift Card

September 27, 2017

Food is always an amazing gift, no matter the occasion. With HelloFresh gift cards, you can treat someone to a week of stress-free cooking and let them discover the pleasures of being a member of the HelloFresh family. Let us take a look at the options before you.

HelloFresh Gift Card

Classic Box

For friends who are omnivores and like everything from protein-rich meat and fish to delicious veggies, you can purchase the Classic Box gift card. This card is good for 3 meals for 2 or 4 people. The 2-person option costs $59.94 while the 4-person option costs $119.88.

Veggie Box

For your vegetarian friends, you can get the Veggie Box gift card that allows them to enjoy 3 meals from the Veggie menu. The prices are the same as with the Classic box – $59.94 for 2 people and $119.88 for 4 people.

Family Box

The Family Box gift card is designed as a gift for a family of 4. You can opt for a box with 2 meals with 4 servings, which costs $69.92, or 3 meals with 4 servings, which costs $104.88.

HelloFresh Gift Card plan

How HelloFresh Gift Cards Work 

No matter which option you choose, the procedure is the same. You enter the recipient’s email and choose the date when you want the e-card to be delivered. To make the gift more personal, you can add a special note with your best wishes. Once your friends decide to redeem the gift, they gain full access to the Classic, Veggie or Family menu, depending on your choice, so they can pick the meals they want to enjoy.

If you are having a hard time figuring out what kind of a gift your friends would like to get, we cannot think of a better solution than a HelloFresh gift card. After all, everyone could use a bit of HelloFresh magic in the kitchen.

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