Green Chef Recipes

October 26, 2017

All meal delivery services we review offer something special that sets them apart from the rest of the lot. The main reason why we decided to do our Green Chef review is that we rarely come across a service that manages to satisfy such a wide range of dietary preferences and needs. Not only that, but its recipes are wonderfully easy, healthy, and tasty and so inspiring that we wanted to talk a bit more about them and offer our readers some additional tasty details about Green Chef recipes.

Green Chef Recipes

Cooking Difficulty

While some meal kit services just ship pre-measured produce, meat, and fish, along with recipe cards, Green Chef service is happy to be your sous chef who takes care of nearly everything preceding the cooking process. The ingredients you receive are optimally portioned and mostly prepped, so the preparation time is reduced to a minimum. Plus, the service promises to help you cook a fabulous meal in less time than it would take to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show. Meals for 2 people are always ready in just about half an hour and family meals never take more than 45 minutes to make.

The recipe cards include a little story about the dish you are preparing, provide information about what you get in your kit and the pantry staples you should have at hand, and cover every step of the way, from the moment you open your kit to the moment your meal is ready to enjoy. The instructions are detailed and accompanied by lovely photos, so you get to check whether you are doing everything right. The recipes do not involve any complicated cooking techniques and procedures and they never require the use of any pricey or unusual kitchen tools and aids. They are designed to be beginner-friendly but interesting enough to appeal to experienced home chefs as well.


Green-Chef-Recipes keto

No matter how good the recipe may be, it is the ingredients that make or break a dish. That is why it is important to know that Green Chef is the first USDA-certified organic meal kit company in the US. It is committed to providing only the freshest, natural, non-GMO, organic produce, meat, seafood, and artisanal products sourced from farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and artisans who employ the best sustainable practices and reinvest in the environment.

Apart from providing the healthiest ingredients available, Green Chef makes sure every meal you prepare is special and enriched with the unique, exciting flavors of its pre-made signature sauces, dressings, and spice blends you cannot find at the store.


Now, let us finally focus on the most interesting part and that is the diversity of dishes that appear on the company’s menu. First of all, we should note that the service comes up with new recipes every week, so you get to enjoy a perfectly varied diet.

Based on the number of portions, Green Chef recipes are divided into two major categories – those suitable for two people or one hungry person who likes leftovers and the ones created with families of 4 in mind. With the 2-person option, you get to enjoy 3 recipes per week, while you get 2 recipes per week with the family option.

Green-Chef-Recipes paleo

Recipes for 2 people come in 7 varieties, including recipes for omnivores, carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and people on the Paleo, ketogenic, and gluten-free diets. It is worth noting that Paleo, keto, and gluten-free recipes are all certified gluten-free. If you choose the family recipes, you can opt for recipes designed for omnivores or meal ideas for carnivores.

It is good to know that no matter which option you go with, you can change your preferences at any time, so you can enjoy vegetarian meals one week, go keto the next, and opt for completely different recipes every time you want to mix things up a bit.

As we are writing this article, we are feasting our eyes on the gorgeous Mongolian tofu, Greek chicken and potatoes with roasted artichoke, arugula, and sun-dried tomato sauce, tempeh with XO sauce, and other exotic, mouthwatering delights that await you on the Green Chef menu. If you are having trouble deciding what to cook next, Green Chef recipes may be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing.

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