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Green Chef is a meal kit service that offers two basic plans and a wide variety of meal programs for the most popular diets. Each program comes with unique pricing and with so many of them, it may be tedious to calculate the total price of your order depending on which meal plan and program you choose. In this text we bring you all the important figures, allowing you to easily find out how much you pay per serving and how much you pay per order with each of the Green Chef plans and programs.

Green Chef Cost plan

Green Chef Plans, Programs & Pricing

Green Chef offers two meal plans – the 2-Person plan and the Family plan. With the 2-Person plan, you can choose between 7 meal programs: Omnivore, Carnivore, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, and Keto.  With the Family plan, you can opt for the Omnivore or the Carnivore program.

The 2-Person plan brings you 3 recipes for 2 people while the Family plan includes 2 recipes for 4 people. Now, let us take a look at the prices with each program. With the Omnivore program, you pay $11.99 per meal. Thus, you pay $71.94 for the 6 servings you get with the 2-Person plan or $95.92 for the 8 servings you get with the Family plan.

Green Chef Cost plan

The price of a single serving with the Carnivore program costs $13.49 if you opt for the 2-Person plan and $12.99 if you opt for the Family plan. Therefore, you pay $80.94 per box with the 2-Person plan and $103.92 with the Family plan.

The Gluten-Free program costs $13.49 per serving, so you pay $80.94 per the 2-Person box. With the Vegan program, you pay $11.99 per serving, that is, $71.94 per the 2-Person box. The Vegetarian program is a bit more affordable and costs $10.49 per serving, $62.94 per the 2-Person box.

Finally, Paleo and Keto are the most expensive programs and costs $14.99 per serving, $89.94 per the 2-Person box. All boxes come with a $9 shipping and handling fee.

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