Blue Apron Vegetarian Review

May 15, 2016

Blue Apron is slowly becoming one of the best meal kit services for vegetarians. Not long ago, it only featured one or two veggie dishes per week. Now, nearly half of the recipes on its weekly menus are meat-free and there is a special meal plan dedicated to veggie-loving couples. If you are a vegetarian in search for a good source of innovative recipes and fresh, natural ingredients, keep reading this Blue Apron Vegetarian review and find out what makes this company’s veggie recipes some of the best on the market.

Blue Apron vegetarian meals

Blue Apron Vegetarian Plan

Before we start exploring Blue Apron’s vegetarian offer in greater detail, let us discover the basic facts about the Blue Apron Vegetarian meal plan. Namely, this plan allows you to decide whether you want to cook 2 or 3 meals per week. The dedicated Vegetarian menu features a total of 3 dishes, which means that you can try them all or eliminate 1 that does not suit your cravings. Each veggie kit yields 2 servings. The recipes change on a weekly basis.

Thanks to the incredible flexibility Blue Apron provides, you can modify your Vegetarian plan at any time. You can switch between the 2-meal and 3-meal options in accordance with your needs, skip a delivery if you do not need it, and even switch to a different menu. For example, flexitarians can try out the 2-Serving Signature menu, which features 8 recipes per week, 3 of which are vegetarian. They can also give the 2-Serving WW Freestyle menu a try, where 1 out of 6 options is meat-free. Therefore, your Vegetarian plan does not prevent you from experiencing the full variety of recipes Blue Apron has to offer.

Blue Apron Vegetarian Recipes

Those who have read our Blue Apron review know that this company brings you some of the most creative, exciting, and delicious recipes available on the market. Most of them are inspired by the Mediterranean, Mexican, and Asian cuisines. Usually, Blue Apron vegetarian recipes feature dairy, including aromatic cheeses like cheddar, labneh, and pecorino. The Asian-inspired recipes normally feature eggs. You can expect plenty of innovative twists on traditional and classic dishes, like quesadillas, tacos, ramen, and all kinds of comforting street food from around the world.


Blue Apron vegetarian recipes are always easy to make and they are usually rather quick. You rarely have to spend more than 25-40 minutes in the kitchen and the hands-on time is around 15 minutes. The recipes normally include 6 steps, described in detail and accompanied by photos that show you what your meal should look like at each stage of the process. In addition to the list of ingredients with exact quantities and the detailed steps, you get a list of the kitchen tools you need in order to prepare the meals. In case you do not have a tool or two in your kitchen, you can purchase them at the Blue Apron shop.

blue apron recipe card with ingredients

To help you easily turn your meal into a special dinner for two, Blue Apron offers excellent wine pairing suggestions. You can purchase the suggested wines at the shop of your choice or simply have them delivered to your doorstep by joining the Blue Apron wine club.


Blue Apron vegetarian recipes make perfect use of all the seasonal goodness that regularly arrives at the Blue Apron kitchen. They feature exciting combinations of natural and organic produce, whole grains, the finest cheeses, and farm-fresh eggs. They are nutritionally balanced, with the perfect ratio of all macronutrients, and they are rich in valuable phytonutrients. Furthermore, they are incredibly satisfying and keep you full for hours. Usually, the calorie count ranges between 500 and 800 calories per serving.

Blue Apron Vegetarian Sample Dishes

For those of you who have not yet had the chance to try out Blue Apron vegetarian recipes, we have decided to tickle your fancy with a couple of our favorites. Here are 3 Blue Apron vegetarian dishes that we have cooked and fallen in love with.

Spicy Elote-Style Vegetable Tostadas With Summer Squash, Poblano Pepper & Cilantro Rice

Inspired by well-loved Mexican street food, these beautiful vegetarian tostadas are packed with nutrients and exciting flavors. They combine creamy veg and rice with deliciously crunchy tortillas.

The tostadas feature a combination of cotija cheese, poblano peppers, summer squash, and red onion, all infused with the aroma of Mexican spices. The veggie-cheese combo is served atop refreshing cilantro-lime rice lying on oven-baked corn tortillas.

The dish takes about 35 minutes to make and yields ample servings, each containing about 740 calories.

Blue Apron Spicy Elote Style Vegetable Tostadas

Mixed Mushroom Bucatini With Collard Greens & Pecorino Cheese

Pasta is the definition of comfort food. This elegant vegetarian dish is as satisfying as it gets. It features a variety of delicious, earthy mushrooms, including cremini, shiitake, maitake, fanned oyster, and dried porcini.

Combined with tangy tomato paste and the bold pecorino cheese, it is incredibly aromatic and pleasing to the senses. The bold mix of perfectly browned mushrooms guarantees exciting texture and wonderfully rich flavor.

The dish takes about 30-40 minutes to make and it requires the use of only a few of the most basic kitchen tools, including a strainer, a large pot, a knife, and a cutting board. In other words, cleanup only takes minutes. A great choice for weeknights, when you need something both comforting and quick to cook.

Blue Apron Mixed Mushroom Bucatini With Collard Greens

Stuffed Squash & Spicy Red Curry With Collard Greens & Basmati Rice

Although stuffed squash is mostly enjoyed during the winter, when the weather is cold and you need something to keep you feeling warm and cozy, this Thai-inspired version goes to prove that a dish as good as this can be enjoyed all year long, regardless of the season.

The sweet roasted acorn squash is filled with delicate basmati rice, collard greens, and crunchy peanuts. It is then laid upon creamy and spicy red curry which contrasts the smooth flavor of coconut with the warm aroma of red curry paste, making it a real treat for the taste buds.

If you want to take the meal to the next level, serve it with a bottle of Riesling or Pinot Gris.

Bottom Line

Shown above are just some of the beautiful Blue Apron vegetarian recipes that you can try out, with new ones appearing on the menu every week. Each of them is quick, healthy, tasty, unique, and thrilling, providing you with a chance to improve your cooking skills, introduce variety into your diet, and discover your new favorites. We hope that we have inspired you to try out something new today. Happy cooking!

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